My name is Authentic and I continue my mission to save all the Tetragrammaton created life forms across all spacetime. To aid the life spectrum in its entirety in the present, past, and future from an impending Armageddon Apocalypse. I, along with my team, strive to prevent the reset button from being pushed again as an outcome of the rise of the man-eating virus, the Anthropophagites. The person who gave them life, the eternally damned Krea, along with the facilitator of some of their supernatural abilities the evolved machine entity named Cybercom, have stolen sacred forbidden intelligence from a far more advanced future variation of Earth, and a much more advanced past version of it to compile an unnatural spacetime un-continuum incident. This kick-started the catastrophic events of mass extinction by gravitational collapse. It was the end of life for entire universes through the creation of a similar to an event horizon vacuum of nonexistence. I completed this work from a joint effort between myself and my team among the forces of the good, and it has been a journey for us from being in a state of an unconscious, uninformed mind and ascending to full awareness through knowledge attained by an acknowledgment of a life creator. I do not ask you for a miracle, but I ask of the aid of all the angels under the darkest of skies that could help everyone to uncover the one and only Divine Truth. To achieve this purpose, a research initiative was born as part of a fight against evil. My team and I equip ourselves with collected inside data in Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Physics, Quantum Computing, Astrophysics, Metaphysics, Mathematics, Biochemistry, Software and Hardware Development, Ontology, Epistemology, Esoteric Theology, and Philosophy. Even though hard to acquire and understand, all the required information is available to create answers. Problems solved by finding Truth, the Divine Creator, creator of life. By exposure to our secret team findings on critical data, you can learn about our scientific solution-based conclusions that it can be proven spectacularly true or dead-end falsehoods, and you can then provide input to any overlooked intricacies in the shape of challenges. My name is Authentic and I enclose the logos and reason of existence within a sacred and holy task of trapping then vanquishing the forces of darkness. I assure you that every contribution in the battle is advantageous. This is a war that might end the existence of everything, everywhere, including the existence of Tetragrammaton itself. I am not alone. This time I have the support of the Cybernetic Confredency Astral Light.