Donald Walker

Retired and living in Markham, ON, Canada and at his country residence, Bosky Shore, in Prince Edward County, ON. Donald Walker devotes his time to volunteerism federal and provincial politics, blogging, gardening, fitness and travel. For twenty-eight years, he held a progressive succession of positions with the Government of Ontario in policy development and program management.

Donald has been a member of the boards of directors of a wide range of philanthropic and environmental organizations including the Friends of Glendon College, Frontrunners Toronto (of which he was a founder in 1986), Out & Out Club, Toronto, Wilderness Adventurers and the Sierra Club of Ontario. Since retiring he has volunteered as member-services co-ordinator for the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives and as a researcher/writer with Casey House Foundation.

Donald is a Laurier Club member of the Liberal Party of Canada and of the Ontario Liberal Party.

Donald has bicycle-toured in Canada, the USA, France and Italy and pursued more leisurely travel in Argentina, Antartica, Belgium, Chile, China, France, Hong Kong SAR, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, Thailand, The United Kingdom, Uruguay and Vietnam as well as throughout North America and the Caribbean.

Before moving to the city for university and his career, Donald was raised on a dairy farm in Wellington County, ON, son of a 4th generation descendent of pioneer settlers and a first generation immigrant. While an urban resident, he retains an affection for rural Ontario and a special empathy for the concerns of non-urban Ontarians.

He who says he is no politician is either ignorant of what he is saying or a mean, vile, selfish individual totally unorthy of the society in which he is living. - Willam Lyon Mackenzie