Blood -- A weary veteran and an exhausted new mother welcome the birth of their son even as Constantinople is dying around them.

The Open House -- "Welcome, friend. You’re the last to arrive at the open house. I was about to call it a night and lock up, but please come in."

Now available in Rivanna Review, Issue X

Eyes as Bright as Stage Lights -- All Ouida ever wanted to do was put Monticello in her taillights, and that also seemed to be all she could never manage. 

Now available in All Worlds Wayfarer, Issue XVI

D'vorah Shaddai trains armies of pink flamingos and rides her noble gator steed over yonder and down the way in Florida. She writes tales of antiquity, spooky stories, and wild yarns. 

She holds a master’s degree in creative writing and also holds cats whenever they deem her worthy. 

She is currently composing The Seven Sleepers, a haunting novel set in the Eastern Roman Empire.

The Seven Sleepers 

Myrrhine's life started in the swamps of eighth century Ephesus, and it nearly ended there too. 

Few could fathom the rise of the woefully unpopular peasant turned patrician lady of a noble house, that is, unless you believe the Seven Sleepers watch.

A work in progress. Stay tuned.