don valley calisthenics competition

JULY 6, 2019

20 athletes partcipated in our 3rd annual max repetitions and/or max hold of Pull-ups, Push-ups, Dips, Squats, Hanging Leg Raises, Back Levers, Front Levers, Handstands, Dead Hangs, Muscle-ups, Weighted Pull-ups (45 and/or 90 lbs) and Weighted Dips (45 and/or 90 lbs).

2019 WINNERs


Including Max Handstand: 59 secs

Max Pull-ups: 28

Max Push-ups: 128

Max Squats: 128

Max Dips: 40

Wesley / @wesleysleong

Max Leg Lifts: 51

Max Front Lever: 22 secs

Max Squats: 128

Max Dips: 40

Max Backlever: 17 secs

Max Muscle-ups: 20

Max Weighted Pull-ups (+90 lbs): 8

Max Weighted Dips (+90 lbs): 11

carlos / @carlito

Max Weighted Pull-ups (+45 lbs): 11

chris /

Max Weighted Dips (+45 lbs): 15

Max Deadhang: 2 min 24 secs

Gervais / @thecoachnash



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