Durango, Colorado

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Don't get too lost in Los Platos county though. It's beautiful, we get it, but at least go prepared.

Get Lost in Durango

The untamed and unforgettable town of Durango, Colorado is nestled just inside the state's southwestern border. Although pictures make it look peaceful and quaint, there's much more to this former mining town than meets the eye. 

Many people come to Durango for its unbeatable skiing slopes, breathtaking mountain views, and historic narrow gauge railroad. However, the town also offers an abundant array of museums, art gallaries, and shopping as well.

With so much to do here in Durango, you'll never get bored!

Things to do in Durango

Enjoy gorgeous scenery between Silverton and Durango. Spend time in Durango shopping and relaxing, and catch the train to Silverton for high elevation adventure.

Durango & Silverton
Narrow Gauge Railroad

The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad has transported passengers through the scenic landscape and mountainous wilderness of the San Juan National Forest for 140 years. As the steel wheels chug along, you’ll see the Animas River, San Juan Mountains, and Cascade Canyon, which all lie between the cities of Durango and Silverton. 

It’s one of the most famous historic railroads in the United States and a National Historic Landmark. Plan your ride carefully, as the train only runs during the summer and fall months. 

Main Avenue

Everyone loves to stroll around Downtown Durango. However, Main Avenue is a real sensory treat thanks to its lengthy list of delicious cafes and colorful storefronts. With the mountains in the background and the smell of tasty treats in the air, you cannot help but enjoy everything Main Avenue offers. 

Of course, we can’t talk about this main drag in Historic Durango without mentioning the incredible lineup of hotels along this bustling avenue. You can enjoy The General Palmer Hotel, a Victorian landmark that keeps Durango on the map, or Strater Hotel, a living museum of its own.

A menu you'll want to try everything on is found right here.

11th Street Station

11th Street Station offers a culinary collective of everything your heart desires. From tacos to Thai cuisine, the arrangement of seven small but exquisite food trucks and trailers can help cure any craving you have. The trucks all encircle Ernie’s Bar, a service station that now serves up craft beers and luxurious libations for everyone. 

Of course, the best part of 11th Street Station is the fact that every food and beverage offering comes from a locally-owned vendor, meaning you’re always supporting Durango as a whole when you wine and dine downtown.

Shop Local in Durango

Find entertainment, games, and so much more in Durango.

Guild House Games

Guild House Games the premier brick-and-mortor board game store in Durango. The shop stocks conventional and contemporary board games, trading cards, collectables, and miniatures of all kinds. Whether you are looking for your favorite games from popular brands or hoping to find a new favorite for your next board game night, Guild House Games has everything you can imagine and more. 

The store also provides a clean and comfortable atmosphere for loyal gamers to come and play in-store. Weekly and monthly events for fan favorites like Magic The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons are always a great way to connect with the local community and find like-minded individuals. Everyone is welcome at Guild House Games, including you.

This the old Sweeney's Restaurant building converted into a marijuana shop

Mountain Annie's Dispensary

Look no further than Mountain Annie's for a unique experience within a clean and cozy dispensary.  Regardless of your cannabis knowledge, the friendly, knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to talk to you about the variety of marijuana products available in the shop. Mountain Annie’s has the largest supply of edibles, concentrates, and accessories in town. 

Located just outside the heart of Durango, you can stop in to shop in-store anytime or order ahead online and pick it up at a convenient time. The budtenders will listen to your needs and make suggestions based on your plans and desires. What’s more, you can feel safe knowing that the majority of Mountain Annie’s stock is grown right here in Colorado.

Local sports enthusiasts can find anything they need in Durango, maybe especially fishermen.


Duranglers has been the premier outfitter and fly fishing shop for the Durango area since 1983. The shop stocks flies, reels, rods, lines, waders, boots, and other fly fishing equipment for enthusiasts and veterans alike. The shop is located right in the heart of beautiful Durango, meaning you have easy access so some of the best fly fishing spots in the nation right outside the storefront.

In addition to selling equipment, Duranglers offers custom guided fly fishing trips and multi-day float trips for fishers who want to take their equipment out on the water. You can easily book a trip to fish on the Animas River, San Juan River, Dolores River, Rio Grande River, and other lakes and streams all through Duranglers.

Old buildings and construction is just one of the things you'll see when shopping Durango