Gardeners can order tilling of their plot for an additional cost.

Please do not use this form if you have not yet registered for a plot or already indicated you want tilling in your plot registration.

Tilling aerates the soil and breaks up roots, organic matter, and compacted earth. Tilling also harms beneficial fungus, bacteria, and other soil organisms; and creates compaction deeper down.

The deadline to sign up and pay for spring tilling is April 21st.

Plots will be tilled in late April and throughout May. Plots wanting tilling must be cleared of all tools, infrastructure, large plant residues and other debris. DCGP Land Stewardship Committee will do its best to provide a schedule of tilling time and date at each garden. However, tilling is subject to weather, soil, and staffing schedule changes, so gardeners are encouraged to clear their plot early and keep it clear until their plots have been tilled.

Tilling is NOT possible for raised beds. Gardeners at HARRISON, DENFELD FOOD FOREST, ROOFTOP and GARY NEW DULUTH should not register for tilling.