Strawberry Hill Garden

219 W 6th St, Duluth, MN

Nestled into the hillside just above Mesaba with expansive views of the harbor and lake, lies Strawberry Hill Garden. The soil has been worked and nurtured with organic material through the years resulting in bountiful production for the community of gardeners who are fortunate to grow, and grow together in community, at this site. Apples, cherries, and raspberries reside here, their seasonal fruit an additional bonus. A robust three-bin compost system has been created to efficiently turn the plant material from our gardens into black gold for enriching our gardens. Special visitors who would like to join the community include voles, chipmunks, and even a woodchuck. Each are peacefully persuaded to find other communities to join instead.

There are no more plots available at Strawberry Hill for the 2018 growing season.