Gardens & Gardeners

The Duluth Community Garden Program manages 20 garden sites across the city of Duluth. Rent a plot for the 2018 growing season here!

Find out more information about each garden at the links below:

Apple Tree Circle


Chester Creek

Cook Home

Denfeld Food Forest



Fourth Street

Fox Hole

Gary New Duluth



Hannah House




Rocky Ledge


Sixth Street

Stoney Ground

Strawberry Hill

The majority of our gardens have plots available for rent. Plots are designated by numbers. Maps indicating these numbers can be found by clicking the name of each garden above. Each plot is approximately 20 ft by 20 ft for a total of 400 sq ft of gardening space. Many gardens will have half plots available (200 sq ft), designated by an "a" or "b" designation when you register. Beginning gardeners may find a half plot more manageable while learning to garden. In the interest of providing plots to as many gardeners as possible, we will only lease 1 plot per person/family, before the June 6th registration deadline.

Rent a plot for the 2018 growing season here!