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DUI, DWI cases represent the 100% caseload that local specialist DUI defense lawyers handle.

When a driver is doing an online search for best DUI lawyers near me after an arrest for driving over the .08 BAC legal limit of alcohol or after smoking Marijuana, we strongly recommend a person have their arrest reviewed by an expert lawyer who is specialized in the field of 2019 DUI, DWI law.

Even for a first offense DUI today, it is important to have a lawyer review your case with a free consultation and consider your perspective of events in order to determine all the best DUI defense strategies truly available to you.

Despite what other friends or family members may have said, there are still remedies allowing a person to get charges dropped, and winning legal defenses allowing for good chances to get a DUI case dismissed in court. Only an expert local DUI defense lawyer near you in DUI, DWI cases will have the up-to-date knowledge in this field of law to assess your case odds of winning a dismissal of charges.

Winning Defense Strategies in Cases of DUI, DWI

a) DUI defenses under a driver's Constitutional Rights

With all DUI, DWI offenses, police officers have several rules to abide by. These police protocols are especially in regards to the reason for the initial traffic stop, the symptoms an officer says a driver has of intoxication, the arrest process of a driver, the collection of breath/blood test results, and following the strict testing rules during the entire procedure.

Our top-rated DUI defense lawyers nearest to a driver's location will be able to determine if all these obligations were adhered to. Furthermore, these expert local DUI, DWI attorneys around you will ensure that all the BAC or THC evidence necessary for the case to go to court was properly handled by police in the first place. If legal technicalities or police mistakes were made in beginning the case, the lawyer will take the necessary steps in order to fight and get the DUI test evidence thrown out of court. Many drivers who have been wrongly charged with DUI, DWI in the first place, had their cases dismissed using police error and legal technicality defenses.

If the police have failed in their duties for DUI arrest and/or field sobriety test procedures, the best local DUI defense lawyer will be able to strategize how a case can get dismissed and assess your chances of success at winning in court.

It is totally false to assume that because you blew over the legal limit during a Breathalyzer test, you have no chance of being acquitted at your court date. Instead, each case should be evaluated individually in order to review what the best defense strategies and chances of success are.

b) Establishing the best DUI defense based on the elements constituting the arrest

During some DUI-related cases, it will be possible for a local specialist DUI, DWI lawyer to use a defense based on the lack of symptoms usually observed by the police officer when a person was supposedly driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. An attorney can also cast reasonable doubt into the case by challenging the police officer's the observation of alcohol/drug impairment symptoms. This DUI defense strategy will often lead to a credibility issue with the officer's reason for a DUI, DWI charge, which can be used to a driver's benefit in court.

c) Winning DUI defense based on a malfunction or the incorrect use of the Breathalyzer machine

For many pending DUI, DWI court cases, it is also possible to develop a defense while attacking the proper function of the Breathalyzer machine or the way the operator of the machine administered the breath test on a driver. Using this Breathalyzer defense is definitely requires expertise in this area of law, since it often requires the knowledge of an specialist in the science and mechanics of the breath machine, in addition to a local DUI defense lawyer.

Best DUI, DWI Defense for Breath or Blood Test Refusal

After a driver fails or refuses to blow for a breath test or take a blood test when requested by the police officer, this will result in a DUI, DWI refusal charge.

Once a person's own specific arrest circumstances can be reviewed by a skilled DUI attorney around you, finding the right refusing breathalyzer defense that works is often based on police errors and other legal technicality problems with the arrest.

Defenses for a DUI Charge While Sleeping in a Parked Car

Many people have the false impression that they cannot get charged with DUI when the engine is turned off, while sitting or sleeping in a parked car. The DUI, DWI law in every state considers a person still in control control of a vehicle if the keys are still in the vehicle and easily within reach of someone who is under the influence of alcohol or a drug.

A nearby top DUI defense lawyer free consultation with a local attorney specialized in this type of "DUI while parked" case will review your chances of being acquitted of this type of DUI offense.

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