DUI Defense Lawyers Tougaloo MS

What are the Penalties for a DUI first violation?

Attorney Franks: There's no easy answer to that question. For an individual with a typical vehicle drivers license there is a suspension of up to one hundred and twenty days a $250 to $1000 penalty as much as 2 days behind bars and potentially going to a MASEP course or a Victims Impact Panel. If it is a CDL license the fines are far more extreme. They lose their commercial vehicle drivers license for approximately 12 months which can put them out of employment. For minors its a penalty of $250 as well as a suspension of their license for 120 days in addition to the MASEP training course. They don't have the 48 hours in jail and also penalties do not increase to $1000.

Is there any method I can be discovered innocent?

Attorney Franks: Absolutely. Its not unusual to have a case dismissed or head to court and also have a person found not guilty. My very first trial out of law school was a DUI second offense and the individual was found innocent. But it depends upon the facts from when the persons pulled over. The officer needs to have probable cause to stop them; or else the case will be disregarded. And police officers are people as well. They make mistakes. They miss typing in information needed to prosecute somebody successfully. It is possible to obtain an innocent judgment on a DUI. I believe Im the best DUI defense lawyer so contact me.

If I'm found not innocent do I have to do jail time?

Lawyer Franks: A DUI can bring as much as 48 hours behind bars if you are found guilty. We request credit provided for time served when you were initially arrested. We ask the court to suspend the rest of the time and also they will typically do it due to the fact that the purpose of the courts is not to ruin peoples lives and jobs. They desire you to continue to be an effective citizen. Many times participating in a Victims Impact Panel will substitute for jail time.

Can I plead to a lesser offense?

Lawyer Franks: Negative.

Whats the legal limitation in Mississippi?

Attorney Franks: With a normal drivers license the lawful limitations.08 blood alcohol content. For a commercial truck driver that limit goes down to.04 blood alcohol amount and there is zero tolerance for minors.

Whens the most effective time frame to employ a DUI Defense Lawyer?

Lawyer Franks: As quickly as you walk out of the jailhouse get on the Internet and do some study. Find out who you believe will certainly be the very best fit for you and who has experience in the DUI arena. Call and seek advice from them. A lot of lawyers offer assessments for a low amount. They'll clarify your choices and see which one is the most effective fit for you.

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