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Be prepared to actively participate in class, complete all assignments thoughtfully and on time, and to study regularly outside of class.

Instructor: Rachel Gardner


Room: 52

Phone: 435-831-4245

Keys to Mrs. Gardner’s Class:

Think. Work. Be involved. Be consistently curious. LEARN. You will thrive!

Required Assignments: There will be unit tests throughout each course as well as various performance based assessments that require writing, research, and creativity.

The number of formative grades such as labs, homework, etc. will be determined along the course of the school year. Students should expect a homework assignment everyday and should look over notes and new material each day.

Extra Help: I am available several mornings a week and immediately after school. Please make an appointment ahead of time so that I can devote my full attention to your needs.

Makeup Work: When students are absent from school, they are responsible for all missed work and assessments. Students should see the class website immediately and their class section where all handouts and materials are placed each day. A student who is absent the day before a regularly scheduled assessment/assignment will be responsible for completing the assessment/assignment at the regularly scheduled time. Students who have been absent more than two consecutive days will be given five (5) school days to make up missed assignments. This does not include major projects, research papers, tests, etc. where the deadline/date has been posted in advance.

Late Work: Homework must be completed by the beginning of class on the day it is due. If a student is absent on that day, they must turn in the assignment the day they return. Major projects, research papers, tests, etc. where the deadline/date has been posted in advance must be turned in prior to absence to receive full credit.

Classroom Expectations:

Be on time, on task, and prepared to learn everyday.

Respect the teacher, the classroom, other students, and yourself.

Be responsible for your own learning.

Clean up after yourself and your peers.

Keep all personal electronics put away.

Behavior Consequences:

Level 1: Verbal Warning

Level 2: Writing Assignment

Level 3: Parent Contact

Level 4: Office Referral

Academic Dishonesty will result in a grade of zero (0).

Grading Calculations & Policy:

1ST & 2ND Semester Course Work = 60% Major Grades+ 40% Minor Grades

Major grades include, but are not limited to unit tests, final projects, final essays, final research papers, and final presentations.

Minor grades include, but are not limited to homework, class work, labs, quizzes, practice tests, rough drafts, and sections of projects/ research papers/presentations.

A = 90 – 100

B = 80 – 89

C = 70 – 79

D = 60 - 69

Failing = Below 60

*Mrs. Gardner’s Grades Guarantee: You have full control over your success. I will not alter any grade based on request or proximity to a desired level. Every decision you make throughout the year will lead to a predictable outcome with criteria that is consistent for every student.

**A Note on Attendance: Coming to class and participating in the learning experience is vital for student success. Not only does missing class create more work for the student, but they lose out on instructional time where concepts and ideas are being explained in detail. This often results in poor performance on assessments and impacts grades in a negative way. Additionally, attendance laws in the state of Utah are in place to ensure that students do not miss valuable instructional time. Please note the following from the Tooele County School District Student Handbook:

"Student absences will be excused in cases of illness, medical or dental appointments, death in the immediate family, and acts of nature that endanger a child. All other absences shall be unexcused unless the building administrator, prior to the absence and at the request of a parent/guardian, agrees to excuse a student for a special purpose. Students are only to be excused for that part of the day necessary to satisfy their need for absence."