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Welcome new friends and fellow readers. This website, duchaba.com, serves as an extension of my professional resume. You’ll find very little additional personal information about me here.

While social media and professional charters don’t mention duchaba.com, greentomato.com, and swiftbot.com websites much, you may have stumbled upon them accidentally or through a deep search. Regardless of how you got here, my team of AI digital collaborators and I are thrilled to meet you virtually.

If you like what you read and have the power to make it happens, I welcome the job and challenge of leading and steering an organization or company toward establishing a responsible and ethical AI vision and product. As part of this journey, I will assemble the most competent AI team for you. I will do it...

“...not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win.” 

-- President: John F. Kennedy.

Fun fact: Some of the text you are reading was written by GenAI and edited by a human, and vice versa, to ensure a balanced contribution. :-)

In particular, this website will highlight the following topics:

Duc Haba, Packt Publishing, on Amazon book, May 2023.

🌳Book Announcement

I recently authored a book titled Data Augmentation with Python with Packt Publishing. You can purchase it on Amazon and share your thoughts on the Amazon book review. It will make me happy as a clam. :-)

On GitHub, you can find the entire collection of Jupyter Notebooks for all nine chapters. You can customize the Notebooks to fit your specific project requirements. Additionally, you can run Python code without the need to install Python.

🌳Cover Letter & CV

Duc Haba

June 2023

If your organization needs a Chief AI Officer (CAIO), Sr. AI Applied Scientist, or VP of AI Engineering, Mr. Haba is the perfect candidate. 

With deep and practical AI expertise and GenAI insights, he is confident in his ability to build and lead with a nurturing yet effective leadership style. His profound understanding of AI and GenAI and his commitment to ethical practices will guide your organization or company toward a thriving GenAI future. 

Mr. Haba began his AI journey at Xerox Parc, where he had the opportunity to research and build expert systems (rules-based systems) for copier diagnostics and work on skunk-works projects for the US Department of Defense. This foundational experience in AI and technology allowed him to deepen his expertise and explore innovative solutions in cutting-edge technology, such as Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), Large Language Models (LLM), and Generative AI (GenAI).

Following Xerox, Mr. Haba joined Oracle and further honed his skills before transitioning to Viant Consulting as one of the early founding members. In Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial environment, he embraced the ups and downs of startup culture, learning invaluable lessons from failures and successes. Significant milestones were his tenure at Viant and CTO at Reading Rainbow Kidz (RRKidz) with LeVar Burton. Mr. Haba led AI technical strategies, achieved IPOs, and created solutions that impacted millions of users positively.

Currently, as the AI and Data Scientist and AI Solution Architect at YML.co agency, he has been instrumental in orchestrating AI strategies and solutions that resonate with business goals and end-user needs. His multidimensional role—leader, researcher, strategist, and technologist—has allowed him to direct AI applications toward real business problems, driving meaningful change and generating substantial value.

In each role, Mr. Haba has demonstrated the ability to build and lead diverse and high-performing AI and engineering teams, adapt to rapidly changing GenAI environments, and successfully deliver complex AI and LLM projects. 

In May 2023, he wrote and published Amazon’s #1 New Release in Computer Programing Logic book, “Data Augmentation with Python,” with Packt Publishing.

Please contact Mr. Haba, duc.haba@gmail.com, or on LinkedIn, https://linkedin.com/in/duchaba

The section below showcases a selected list of distinguished accomplishments from Mr. Haba’s career and summarizes each job.


Job Experience Highlights

Y Media Labs (Code and Theory)

AI Solution Architect

Start Feb 2021 - Present 

Redwood City, California, United States

As an AI Solution Architect, I leveraged my deep expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning to create innovative, high-impact solutions for key clients across various sectors, including healthcare, banking, and consumer goods. I designed advanced predictive models in healthcare to streamline patient care and improve health outcomes. I implemented AI-powered risk assessment systems in banking that significantly improved financial decision-making. For the consumer goods company, I led the development of a sophisticated recommendation engine that drove customer engagement and boosted sales. Through these experiences, I've demonstrated my ability to translate complex business challenges into efficient, AI-driven solutions.

Cognizant Inc.

Sr. Director, Enterprise Mobility Solution Architect

Start date: October 2015, 6 years 

San Francisco, California, United States

As a Senior Director and Enterprise Mobility Solution Architect, I oversaw a team of specialists to create and implement robust mobile solutions for notable consumer goods, retail, healthcare, automobile, banking, and AI clients. My strategic leadership drove the integration of advanced mobile analytics, improving our client's business intelligence and decision-making capabilities. We increased a high-profile consumer goods company's operational efficiency and market competitiveness by enhancing its mobile presence. Simultaneously, we propelled an AI company's growth by optimizing its mobile architecture to leverage AI capabilities better. These experiences solidified my ability to lead high-performing teams and deliver impactful, tailored mobility solutions.

Swiftbot Company

Founder and CEO

Start date: October 2012, 2.5 years 

San Francisco, California, United States

As the Founder and CEO of Swiftbot, I spearheaded the creation of a novel platform dedicated to crafting engaging mobile stories. Under my leadership, we partnered with esteemed clients, including LeVar Burton from Reading Rainbow Kidz. We collaborated closely with Burton to develop a unique storytelling experience, enhancing the interaction and engagement of his young audience. This partnership significantly enriched Reading Rainbow Kidz's content, strengthening its digital footprint and user retention. My experience at Swiftbot underscores my capabilities in innovative solution creation, strategic leadership, and successful client partnerships.

Viant Inc. (SVIP)

Chief Technologist (5th employee)

Start date: 1998, 4 years 

San Francisco, California, United States

As the Chief Technologist at Viant Inc., I was pivotal in the company’s inception and growth from a fledgling web consulting firm to a publicly-traded entity. As the 5th employee to join the venture, I was instrumental in developing and implementing our pioneering web solutions. My technical expertise and strategic vision helped shape the company’s trajectory, culminating in a successful IPO. This experience underscores my ability to navigate the unique challenges of an early-stage company and guide it toward substantial growth.

Oracle Inc.

Principal DB Researcher

Start date: 1996, 3 years

Redwood City, California, United States

As the Principal Researcher focusing on Oracle databases and web interfaces platform, I led groundbreaking efforts to bridge the gap between database systems and website interfaces. I pioneered innovative methodologies and tools to integrate Oracle databases with web technologies, significantly improving data accessibility, integrity, and user interaction. This pivotal role honed my expertise in database management systems and web platform design and underscored my ability to drive innovation in complex technology domains.

Xerox PARC

Expert System and AI Researcher

Start date: 1990, 5 years

San Francisco, California, United States

Upon graduating from Omaha, Nebraska University, I secured a coveted position at the prestigious Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). Here, I conducted intensive research on expert systems, focusing primarily on the auto-diagnostic capabilities of copiers. I developed an advanced machine rules-based expert system that enhanced the copiers’ self-diagnostic and repair capabilities, driving efficiency and reducing maintenance costs. This early-career experience at PARC solidified my research skills and formed the foundation of my expertise in AI and machine learning.

<End of Resume: Download a PDF file here.>

The next section is the URLs to my live demo of Generative AI, LLM, and Predictive AI on the HuggingFace website.

🌳 HuggingFace 

Interactive ML and GenAI Model

Action speaks louder than words, or show is more relevant than tell. 

Collectively, if all the people that talk about AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Generative AI (GenAI) are the size of a watermelon, then the people that actually write code are the size of a grain of rice. 

Let’s get started with some action! I have several public Large Language Models (LLMs) based on the Transformer algorithm. You can test them out to generate new text and images. Plus, you can upload pictures with the CNN Image Classification model to predict cancer types or dog breeds.

🌳 Demystify AI Series

I am not a naturally gifted writer (I rely on writing, editing, rewriting, editing, and repeats), but I am a talented writer of code. I speak fluently in 16 [computer] languages. In 2020, fake news was weaponized to place a flawed man in the US presidency and outed a beloved country from the European Union (EU). I began sharing Social Media content in the same year. Creating engaging, truthful, and enjoyable articles is the best way to combat fake news and hate speech. Thus, it is the beginning of the “Demystify AI” series. 

Although it may seem insignificant, adding fresh sand grains to the beach is a much better alternative than pouring toxic oil onto it.

I hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as I enjoy writing them.

🌳 About and Contact

Thank you for visiting my page. I couldn't call it a website because it's too skinny. :-)

🌳 Fun Fact

Let’s take a little break and have some fun with GenAI image generation. DALLE-2 is as old news as floppy disks. Stability AI open-sourced their image LLM model, Stable Diffusion, and within three months of release, there are dozens of AI art websites, such as MidJourney AI, Lexica.art AI, and Leonardo.AI, to name a few. I also downloaded and coded with Stable Diffusion versions 1.5 and 2.0 on Huggingface. 

I have created thousands of images between free time and chasing squirrels. I have included a sample of two dozen images. The key is to master the technique of “prompt engineering.” It requires a few hours to learn and around two weeks of practice to become skilled at it. There is one picture that is not generated by AI. Can you guess which one?