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Principles of Landscaping Design in Dubai

Principle 1 – Contrast

Contrast draws the eye. Sculptural elements create contrast. Berries and flowers are sources of contrast as well.

Principle 2 – Texture

Texture creates contrast. Texture frames a view. Beautiful use of various textures has compelling effect. Perceiving texture is dependent from the distance of the object, so we architects keep that in mind as well.

Principle 3 – Color

Color creates visual appeal. Color Wheel

Complementary colors are on opposite sides of the wheel. Complementary colors draw attention. Harmonious colors are beside each other on the wheel. The garden creates color in many ways. There is introduced color, brought by the objects we put in the garden. We use specific plant selection for year round color.

Principle 4 – Scale

The size of the area should be considered before any planning. How elements relate to each other on the land is considered as well.

Principle 5 - Repetition

Reoccurring elements create unity. We use repetition, but not too much! Just enough repetition is fine.

Principle 6 – Rhythm

Rhythm draws the eye. Rhythm moves you. Rhythm is created with repeating elements.

Principle 7 – Sequence

Sequence creates movement. Sequence directs the visitor. We vary texture, size and shape to create sequence.

Among the list of outside decoration firms in UAE we are rated #1

Natural decoration firms in Dubai has been the most attractive element of the city magic besides skyscrapers. Take a look around. All around - your house, garden, park, school, mall and even bus stop. It’s all been planned, and we’re not talking about just buildings and indoor areas, but also gardens. So if you love natural spaces of outdoors, and planning to creating one, then this is the right place.

Let’s say you want to build a playground, then you go to landscaping architect and say:

“I want a big sandpit with a fort, underground bat cave with a slide.”

The scenery view architect then compiles information about the site, such as ground soil, vegetation, the shape of the land and how people will move around. Then they will sketch up drawings, site plans and reports. Then oversee the construction process. Let’s ask our team member to ask what it is like to work in landscaping business.

Natural Scenery Design Dubai Presentation

- Why did you choose to become a landscaping architect?

- I grew up in a place near our city that had great view and really just fell in love with the land. I decided to do a horticultural apprenticeship abroad. And that really cemented my love of the natural decoration and scenery creation.

- And when you do the project, can you list us from the start to finish what do you do?

- The most important thing is to have a conversation with our clients. And really get to know them and understand how they are going to use the space. And then what we do is we sort of go through putting together and initial plan together. Then a budget, and then a final plan and a lump sum fixed cost.

Typically that process will take a couple of months from the initial discussion through a creation phase and then starting the works and completing the works.

- Great! Now and easy question: what is the best part of the job?

- The best part of the job is going back and seeing the space, where they have really used it very well. The barbeques nice and dirty, the paving is all scuffed up, the lawn has been a bit tarnished, the kids are really using it. Footballs in the corner, and they’re really using the space and they are enjoying the space. That for me gives me a real buzz.

- Awesome! On the other hand, what is the most challenging part?

- I think the most challenging part is getting it right in listening to the clients and then delivering them something that really works for them. So you have got to sort of negotiate your way through understanding both the husband and wife’s wishes, understanding how the family dynamics work, and then delivering the end product. But that also is the most rewarding part, when you get it right and everything looks fabulous. The clients are happy, and they use and enjoy the space as I mentioned.

Home landscape in UAE

- We have come a long way from just pencils and rulers, what kind of software and equipment do you use?

- I would use AutoCAD and SketchUp. We can do a fly through of the projects, we can 3D the whole project up. That’s really awesome to be able to refine the design. And just give it a tweak and get it as good as we possibly can. And that is also an awesome tool to communicate the vision through to the clients.

- Alright. Well before I let you go, how about we do the quick question and answer ?

- Agreed.

- Ok so, what characteristics does someone need to be a landscaping architect?

- They need to be spatially aware. They need to be passionate about what they do. They’ve got to be a great listener and a great communicator. And they need to be very good at design and drafting. So creativity comes into it as well.

- Cool. If you can list from school to today, what steps do you need to take to get to where you are?

- You need to do some sort of horticultural apprenticeship and horticultural training. So there is certificates of horticulture, and diplomas in horticulture and also in design as well. And then a realy big part of what we do as a natural scenery creation architects is AutoCAD drawings and SketchUP drawings, so you have got to be really competent.

- And last one, if you could give one piece of advice to someone thinking about being a gardening and external view creator, what would that be?

- If you are passionate about it, go for it.

- Awesome. Thanks!

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