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Welcome to our Job Site! We are Dubai City Company we promote Dubai City in United Arab Emirates! Dubai City is #No.1 for job seekers destination. This place is beautiful and amazing.

Places such as Dubai are super places to visit as a tourist, job seeker, job finder, career developer or even recruitment manager and HR manager. In Middle East you can start working in less than a week if you know how to use a recruitment job site in UAE. Become international job seeker with Dubai City Company. We have something amazing for everyone job seeker in Middle East!

We have to speak to Google users about what we do with Dubai City Company. By using our services you can help lot of your friends and even family members, who either wanted to relocate to the UAE or were already there in UAE, and we think you should put an article about our firm out to address this information. Perhaps international job seekers form India, Pakistan, Qatar, Australia, USA and U.K! Some other job seekers also can can benefit from using our services.

Our Team have also come across a lot of jobs offers and adverts on Facebook asking people who want to get jobs in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and other countries in the Gulf to contact them. Therefore, it seems the Gulf Countries are becoming the new “greener pastures” for Nigerians (and Africans at large). I will try my best possible to cover the aspects of cost, visa and jobs as commonly related to this kind of “arrangement.” However, everyone reading this must know that, this is my personal opinion and it’s no blueprint of some sort.

Therfore this article is not for those who got white-collar jobs offers with organisations in Middle East. Directly because of their skill-set and previous job experiences nor those who came into UAE for just a vacation and were lucky to secure an interview in next few weeks and then received a decent professional career opportunity in the process. This Google Careers article is for those who are still back home and are planning to resign from their jobs, and/or raise some money and relocate to UAE in search of a “better opportunity.”

Some of the questions international job seeker need to ask themselves is: Why do I want to leave India for the UAE? Where I need to look for a job is Google will help me? What is the employment real chance to find a jobs in dubai and Middle East philosophy is there? What are the opportunities besides standard job offers? How quick can I get a job in UAE? What is the cost of pursuing this? What is the basic alternative for the money spending in Dubai. How much money and time I want to invest in this career searching project? What kind of job support Dubai City Company the UAE can give me? How do I obtain that one Dream Job? And what is the validity of my Youtube CV's.

Dubai City in the UAE is a great place to live and start dubai city career. The environment in Emirates - *+@dubaicity is not hostile. The Government infrastructure (road, electricity, telecommunication regulatory and Dubai City entertainment etc.) is one of the best in the world. And its economy forhighly qualified, experiences, competent and professional staff in career searching it is also has been showing significant growth in the last four years 2013 to 2017. Therefore, if you have a decent job in dubai with a decent pay, it is a very good place to start career in executive level. However, if you just want to leave India or U.K at all cost and travel down here to come and look for a job, you must consider these three issues – cost, visa and leak of jobs.



This adventure in Dubai City will cost you somewhere around $10,000 up to $20,000 (it could be a bit less than that) and this is the breakdown if we talk only about Dubai City. If you did not have an international visa yet, you would have to spend about $15,000 to procure one with everything accomondation and food. A two-month visa should cost you around $800 - A return ticket from Dubai cost about $1,000 (depending on airline and season of the year) Emirates are expensive! and a bed-space in Dubai or Abu Dhabi of about $150 min per month or more depending on location and level of comfort you desire. The rest of yor hard earned money in Dubai will be for running around, feeding, general upkeep and miscellaneous until you will start Upload Resume.



Visas in UAE region are sponsored by companies/businesses owners (directly) or relatives (indirectly). For example, if you want to come to Dubai City for vacation, you have to have an agent process a visa for you as a business-tourist or have a family member who lives here do a visit visa for you (generally valid for two weeks or a month). The one month visas are mostly extendable for another month and this is the type most people coming here to look for job opportunities come in with. When your two-month legitimate stay elapses, every extra day spent after that attracts fine – 200dhs ($54.45 or NGN8,986) for the first day and 100dhs ($27.22 or NGN4,500) for each consecutive day.

Now you have your visa and you are ready to fly.



Let’s clear the divine aspect of it Jobs and Recruiters. God’s plans for us all are different. You can land in the UAE and get a good job within few days, but this is not mostly the case. Therefore, let’s talk about the ideal scenario. If the company or person promising you job(s) in UAE didn’t get you the job before you leave Nigeria, you would have to come and personally look for one here. If you are lucky to have a laptop computer and Wi-Fi in your residence, this means you wouldn’t have to be frequenting cyber café to apply for jobs online. This saves you some cost. Otherwise, you would have to take your job-hunting to the cyber café (there is a cost attached to that).

Notable websites to look for job are,,, and so on.


Just like everywhere else in the world, the job-market philosophy is to hire people with requisite experience. And in the Gulf, they take it further. The preferred candidates are the ones with gulf-experience. Therefore, your resume might not get deserved attention without the “requisite experience” and “gulf-experience.” That means little or no interviews. Remember, you have a maximum of two months to secure a job. By the second month, desperation might start to set in and people would start telling you about some “jobs” you can take up as starter. The typical jobs available (as stater) are security personnel positions, facility management positions (cleaning jobs), sales representatives in malls, service guy in coffee shops and so on. And you might have to work a 12-hour rotation. These jobs are not particularly bad, someone has to do them.

The problem is that, the structure of this economy does not allow you to have several jobs like in the West (UK, America, Canada and so on). You only serve a master (employer) here. If you want to joggle between two or several jobs, you would need to get a “No Objection Certificate” (NOC) from your employer to permit you work (at your free time) with another employer. This is almost impossible. And our remuneration here is mostly salary and not wages.

Let’s say you took up any of these jobs for example; the salary is going to be between 1,000dhs and 1,800dhs per month. You would be given accommodation and transportation. If you are a very frugal person, you might be able to save a couple of hundreds of dirhams per month. And that is fine. However, I don’t see you changing career path so easily. What is common here career-wise, is that, one is most likely to always get the subsequent jobs in the same field he/she started with and I believe this is how it is everywhere. Except on rare occasions. Employers want to leverage on your previous experience and are not willing nor ready to train (I guess that is how it is in most places anyway). They want people who can hit the ground running immediately they are employed.

Therefore, before you take the plunge, ask questions and do the necessary research so that you are well prepared for the eventualities ahead.

Dubai City is an excellent and astonishing city to visit, work and live. Dubai has something exceptional for each job seekers. Moreover you can have a next occasion to get a job in United Arab Emirates or simply go to Dubai City? If so then again apply for jobs in UAE.

So have you ever been in Dubai? Can you share your expat experience?

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