1. Recognize that this is a year long project and that Rome was not built in a day
  2. Know the goal is to focus on the formulas that make a super simple floor plan work with the minimums code requirements
  3. Realize the floor plan must be built to adapt to a range of a min. and max. total square footage. This means elements like restrooms will grow and shrink based on bldg. code
  4. Notice that 'Dots' refers to the points/coordinates that define all the elements in a model. An example is the start and end of a wall, a door origin or a plumbing fixtures location.
  5. Understand we are only focused on minimal API to allow new armature programming contributors to get their hands dirty while achieving a win. just learn to place dots in the application of your choice Revit/Dynamo/project Refinery, Rhino/Grasshopper/Design Explorer, Hypar, A-Frame, or better yet A WEBPAGE with WebGL or other .
  6. While most are focused on the language of Python any language may be used.

Project Dots is the result of two hackathons and our learning curve hosting them. We discovered that our mostly new community of aspiring amature programmers, professionals and students alike have a lot to learn. With this in mind, we are refocusing on only a single ask. Build a recipe of rules that generates all of the coordinates of a building (Dots). These Dots represent the ends of walls, door and other element origins. These Dots/ origins will be used later to place all the building's elements, but not right now. We must crawl before we walk. The only API we are looking to master is the creation of coordinates and points.

With much less API to learn, the hope is that more time can be spent learning how to think of the needed formulas that drive the building's design and what their dependencies are and how to encode them into Python. The goal is to build recipes in python that will allow a user to input total square footage as well as the number of floors and get a floor plan of dots representing all the parts of a building such as shell walls, corridors, restrooms, stairs, and an elevator. With this recipe, we can now put it into a solver to iterate over all the ranges of inputs to generate different designs.

Above is a 3D viewer built in A-Frame to view the output of the Project Dots Python script. Try panning in the viewer as well as ASDW for additional navigation.
Above is a representation of the first iteration of the floor plan to create via Python,


On the slack channel you will get access to the latest version of the script and the conversations surrounding it.

Need to be invited?

txt "add your@email.com to slack please" to 407-929-9251

GitHub Repository Link

We are not using GitHub yet as many of the project members are focusing on Pyhton and have not yet learned Git. We will be learning Git soon. Stay tuned.