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GitHub is a Cloud based tool to keep the project files where all can access them, clone or copy them make edits and submit your updates for inclusion into the master copy of the project.

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Project Dots

Project Dots is a single project with multiple discipline specific goals, designed to include everyone while working on whats important to you. Dots are the points that define all building object locations. We are attempting to build tools to automatically place 'Dots' representing all the parts of a building like wall ends, sinks, air supply and returns. Why dots? For computing dots are simpler than heavy geometry. We will add the geometry later. We want to build rules and recipes from building codes that generate 3D building models based on inputs.

'Dots', representing corners of a building in a fully interactive web tool, give it a spin

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DTX is a part of a larger community. While DTX includes everyone including construction contractors and subcontractors we still support CFCBUG as they go deep in the world of construction. If this sounds like you feel free to be apart of both.