DTDC Tracking

It is best DTDC tracking form to find the current status of your consignment or parcel. Simply enter your consignment tracking number in the above test box and click the ‘Track DTDC' button.

DTDC Courier Tracking

Mr. Subhashish Chakraborty established the DTDC Courier Company in the year 1990. He has established this courier company with great dreams to provide the more reliability services in the field of courier. The abbreviation of DTDC Company is Desk to Desk Courier and Cargo Company. The main headquarters of DTDC Courier Company in India is located in Bangalore city. DTDC has served the Indian citizens and worldwide citizens with many services like delivering logistics, delivering mails, DTDC tracking services, social responsibility services, greenery services etc. These services are well known for trustworthy, reliability, fast, secure, convenient etc.

India’s most leading domestic express courier and logistics company is DTDC. DTDC Courier Company has spread its wings almost in 240 countries around worldwide. Some of the countries in the worldwide, that DTDC provides services are the United Kingdom, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, China, India, all Asian countries etc. The lives of many domestic customers and international customers are touched by the DTDC in the way of providing the quality services.

In India, Mr. Subhashish Chakraborty has established the DTDC Courier Company in almost 500 district headquarters and 10500 pin codes. In India DTDC has 10500 franchisees and is trying to increase more franchisees to serve more services to clients. Every month, DTDC has delivered more than 12 million shipments. Almost 35000 people are working under the DTDC group. These people are working as DTDC employees and franchise persons.

DPD group is the second largest parcel delivery player in the Europe countries. DTDC has collaborated with this company and converted from express document player to integrated parcels driven business. DTDC services to every client are value for their money. They offer the last mile delivery services to clients. DTDC has created a strong relationship with their stakeholders. They have made every transaction in transparency and also they are very loyal with their stakeholders by providing efficient services.

DTDC Tracking

How To Track DTDC Courier

As a DTDC customer, you can find the complete article status from source to destination by using the DTDC courier tracking tool. DTDC has utilizing advanced technology for making the tracking tool. This tool is more reliable in giving the 100% accurate results. By entering the airway bill number, the client can find the tracking status for the period of 90 days from the date of dispatch. You can find the reference number at the right bottom corner of the booking receipt. The complete procedure to find the consignment tracking status is given below:

  • First visit our website or visit the official DTDC website.

  • Look at the tracking form in both websites.

  • Check the consignment number at the booking receipt.

  • Enter this reference number in the DTDC courier tracking tool box.

  • You can find the tracking for single shipment or multiple shipments.

  • For multiple shipments tracking, you have entered them by separating with commas.

  • You can track the complete status of 25 shipments at a single time.

  • Now press the ‘Track’ button, then you will find the status details of the booked article in DTDC.

  • Shipment status through sms – Type ‘TRACK<space>reference number’ and then send this SMS to 9230092300. For example TRACK B11224466.

  • DTDC service availability pin code through sms – Type ‘PIN<space>Pin Code’ and then send this SMS to 9230092300. For example PIN 100456.

  • DTDC service availability city through sms – Type ‘CITY<space>City Name’ and then send this SMS to 9230092300. For example CITY Delhi.

DTDC Courier Tracking Services

The general services of DTDC are delivering mails or delivering logistics. They also provide the special services at their franchisees like travel services, mobile recharge services and DTH renewal services. DTDC employees are committed and motivated. The employees of DTDC are providing the trusted, time bound and satisfaction services to both national and international customers. DTDC always tries to provide satisfaction services to their clients and their business associates.

DTDC has built warehouses across India and worldwide. These warehouses are used to store the logistics and ecommerce products. The more accurate feature of DTDC is DTDC tracking feature. This feature is available in both online and sms. This tool is made with the latest technology and it is more secure. It gives the results fast with reliability. After delivering the product, DTDC will send the confirmation message with Email or sms.

DTDC Tracking Company Social Responsibility Services

DTDC Courier Company’s main aim is to deliver the logistics and also providing the DTDC courier tracking status to the booked articles of clients. They have taken corporate social responsibility as their main priority. More than 10000 members are working under social responsibility. DTDC social responsibility foundation has focused many areas in the society.

DTDC taken responsibility services in different areas like health services, sewage system services in villages, hospital services, right to education of every Indian children, built the elder homes and orphanages, donation to elder homes and orphanages, build the schools for education of children, giving the scholarships to merit students, giving the scholarships to underprivileged students etc.

DTDC Tracking Go Green Initiative

DTDC has strongly believed in the protection of The Mother Earth. The important services and features of Go Green are given below:

  • 11000 trees for every year will be planted under this scheme, which was announced on August 1, 2011.

  • Adopt a Tree – Saving a tree is important, so DTDC launched this program.

  • Energy Conservation – Conservation of electricity is also crucial. So the DTDC Chairman’s office monitored direct energy conservation at their premises and in fleet vehicles.

DTDC Courier Tracking Disaster Relief and Support

DTDC is quick in responding to the disaster and natural calamity that struck India. They will raise the funds for the Prime Minister’s Relief funds and Chief Minister’s funds. Some of them are given below:

  • In 1999, Orissa cyclone or Paradeep cyclone affected Lakhs of people.

  • 400 students and thousands of people were killed in Kutch of Gujarat on January 26, 2011.

  • On 26 December, 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake or Tsunami in Chennai, Andaman & Nicobar.

  • In 2008, the most catastrophic floods of Bihar.

  • Apart from these funds, they also serve cloths to aid affected people in natural calamities.

DTDC Tracking Education and Child Related Activities

DTDC has undertaken many projects to educate and help children. Some of them are given below:

  • DTDC was providing free education to the children of the Shri Sant Dyaneshwar School for continuously fifth year.

  • DTDC is helping and supporting the blind and visually impaired children of the Sri Rakum School, which was opened in July 1998 in Bangalore.

  • DTDC is helping and supporting the children in Dreamz organization, Mumbai. This organization works for homeless street children.

  • DTDC is helping and supporting the Child care centre for abandoned children, Ludhiana.

DTDC has a strong based courier network system in India and worldwide. The strong services offered by DTDC to both domestic and international clients are DTDC tracking, user friendly services, value for customer’s money services etc. DTDC courier tracking tool is one of the fastest, secured and advanced tracking tools in the world. It has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 company certificate. Finally, DTDC offers services to clients that are trustworthy, convenient and reliable.

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