10th DTA symposium

"Stellar deaths and their diversity"

21 - 23 January 2019

at Large Seminar Room, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Mitaka, Tokyo

Division of Theoretical Astronomy (DTA), National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) hosts the 10th DTA symposium "Stellar deaths and their diversity"


2010s saw the dawn of the time domain astronomy. Many transient surveys have been performed and we now recognize white dwarfs and massive stars die in much more diverse ways than we thought a decade ago. Multi-dimensional numerical simulations of the explosions of white dwarfs and massive stars have also been performed extensively in 2010s and we are growing the theoretical understanding of the origin of the observed supernova diversity. In addition, 2018 is the 20th anniversary of the discovery of GRB980425 and SN 1998bw, which revealed the connection between gamma-ray bursts and massive stars. In this symposium, we aim to overview the recent observational and theoretical progress in understanding stellar deaths and their diversity. We hope this symposium will lead to new ideas and initiate new collaborations to prepare for 2020s.

This symposium will be held in English.

Invited speakers

  • Ken’ichi Nomoto (U. Tokyo), special talk on supernovae and gamma-ray bursts including GRB980425/SN 1998bw
  • Hirotaka Ito (RIKEN), theory of gamma-ray bursts
  • Satoru Katsuda (Saitama U.), observation of supernova remnants
  • Shiu-Hang Lee (Kyoto U.), theory of supernova remnants
  • Keiichi Maeda (Kyoto U.), theory of Type Ia supernovae and white dwarf explosions
  • Tomoki Morokuma (U. Tokyo), transient surveys
  • Yen-Chen Pan (NAOJ), observation of Type Ia supernovae and white dwarf explosions
  • Takanori Sakamoto (Aoyama Gakuin U.), observations of gamma-ray bursts
  • Akihiro Suzuki (NAOJ), theory of exotic supernovae
  • Masaomi Tanaka (Tohoku U.), observation of core-collapse supernovae
  • Nozomu Tominaga (Konan U.), theory of core-collapse supernovae
  • Takashi Yoshida (U. Tokyo), massive star evolution

Large Seminar Room of Subaru Building (W1) in Mitaka Campus of NAOJ.


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Takashi Moriya (DTA), Akihiro Suzuki (DTA), Takaya Nozawa (DTA), Yukari Otani (CfCA), Tomoya Takiwaki (DTA), Hirokazu Sasaki (DTA), Kanji Mori (DTA)