Game demos - 2019

Every year, we work in conjunction with the Computer Game Design program to showcase and playtest the projects they're currently working on in class, as well as any other personal/non scholastic projects may be necessary.

CGD Project demos are 1 - 4pm Saturday, and individual demos are there for the rest of the time.

INdividual projects

Only if I remember

Follow a man through old memories and stories as he tries to recall what was forgotten through Alzheimer’s. Only if I Remember is a game that centralizes on an old man named William and focuses on the relationships and struggles he faces with other characters that have come to see him in his time of need. The demonstration of the game will focus on the introduction of the characters, and the beginning interactions between the characters and William.

Only if I Remember was created by Gabriel Simao, Pedro Hontivero, and Rachel Bruntz.

CGD Game Projects demos


Every Adventurer requires a map and it's your job to deliver. Prepare yourself to go spelunk through an unexplored land while constructing a personalized map. Expedition takes the typical RPG narrative and flips it on its head, as the player doesn't play as the heroic adventurer, but rather the NPC that fills out and graphs a map to then help guide other adventurers along the way.

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Shane Beranek, Detrian Hallem, Alec Bollman, Charlie Serreyn, Brad Goss, Calvin Courtney


Antidote is a cure building simulator game. We aim to create interesting interactions on a microscopic level that are caused by player created rule. Players will enter the shoes of a genius in the year 2030, where genetically manipulating cells is a recently possible branch of science they have mastered. With the aid of the government at the player’s backs and masterful scientists by their sides they will usher humanity into an area unburdened by sickness and plague. For reference you can think of us as the blue bubbles in Plague Inc: Evolved.


Evan Winters, Tyler Gabel, Gabe Simao, Ryan Marnette, Drew Wenande, Riley Taborda, Dean Minder

Please follow the instructions

Description: House sit a Haunted House in this Playable Creepypasta. After the child you are babysitting goes to bed, the house starts to come alive, tormenting you and trying to get you to succumb to dark forces. Survive by following the instructions given to you.

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Dominic Sharma, Jordan Kudray, Brendan Wilson, Cash Barbour, Zack Strife, Calvin Herrick


Take on your necromancy apprenticeship by helping your mentors raise the dead. It’s your job to get the living dead “sprouts” started before handing it off to the masters. Revel in the feeling of either bringing the dead back to life, or making them so extra dead even the masters can’t bring them back.

Visit them on Twitter @NecroNursery


Drew Concha, Brooke Gronli, Riley Winkler, Nicholas Lenz, Jackson Augspurger, Garrett Verhoeven, Ian Trollinger, Carl Petersen


You stand on a lonely road through the woods. Your master has fallen ill, and your travels have led you to unknown lands for a cure. Armed with the spells your free-spirit of a mentor armed you with, venture forth, and master what you have now learned.

Bend the spirits of Magik to your will with runes and signs as you cast your way to Wizard-dom in this Combinatorial magic game that puts the Magic back into the hands of the players, and guides them on their path to Mastery.

What can you do: You have an array of spells to attempt to learn. Combine three runes and click to attempt to cast the spell you’ve built! You’ll learn it if you can!

What is your goal: Find your way around the environment, learn, and use the spells provided to you! Feel free to experiment, as not much punishment will ail you if you make a mistake!

Find them on Twitter @magickgame_ and Instagram @magickgame_


Tre, Phyzon, Tristen, Megan, Jason, Conner, James, Cody