This year we traverse The Frozen Wasteland

Nanocon 2022 will be based around our original theme, The Frozen Wasteland. What this means for our convention is that we will be hosting tournaments and events that fit the theme. Examples of this include a Magic the Gathering Kaldhiem draft, a narratively themed Warhammer tournament for 40k and Age of Sigmar we are calling: Siege of the Frozen Wasteland, and various other events that will be following the theme. We make it our promise that the inclusion of this theming will not impact competitive environments for tournaments, but rather, will provide a play-along immersive experience for these events. We hope to see you at Nanocon this year!

Thank you for the amazing support!

Nanocon 2021 was a massive success, and it's all thanks to support from you! Last year we broke attendance records and provided a convention experience to over 400 people! On the right, you can see some of the photos from the event. We are striving to make this year even better than the last, so we hope to see you at Nanocon 2022!

Check out the recap video for Nanocon 2021!

This video was filmed and edited by Minh Lu, a member of Dakota State University's own Film Club!