Brute Force was founded in 2007 at DSST Stapleton High School, and has competed in every Colorado Regional FIRST competition since then. Brute Force was a finalist in the 2010 Colorado Regional and in 2016 we reached in the Semi Finals as well as winning the Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors. Recently, we've increased our competitiveness with our first trip to the FRC Championship in Houston in 2017 and our first out-of-state regional (Hub City Regional: Lubbock, TX) in 2018.

who we are

DSST Public Schools is a values-driven organization and a deliberately integrated community, serving students from all walks of life. Our six Core Values are central to our team and to our results. These values are truly embedded in everything we do.

Respect: Appreciating the value of a person or an object through your words, actions and attitude - treating people appropriately with common courtesy.

Responsibility: Able to be trusted and or depended upon to complete tasks, follow directions and own up to your actions.

Integrity: Being truthful, fair and trustworthy in your words and actions - doing as you say and saying as you do.

Courage: Possessing confidence and resolve to take risks and make right decisions in the face of pressure and adverse or unfamiliar circumstances.

Curiosity: Eager to learn, explore and question things to gain a deeper understanding.

Doing Your Best: Putting your best effort into everything you do.

COMPEtition history

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