Donghee Son Lab

(Self-Healing Stretchable Bioelectronics)

Welcome to the website of the Donghee Son Laboratory in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Sungkyunkwan University

Our research group seeks to achieve an unprecedented bio-integrated electronic system that is able to bridge the undesired gap between approaches of materials science and medicine, combining applications of soft and/or self-healing materials to high-performance flexible/stretchable devices with translational biomedical engineering efforts.

Our research group focuses on 2 kinds of soft bio-integrated electronic systems: Self-healing and stretchable artificial skin systems and neural devices. We hope that these works will be a valuable stepping stone which brings qualitative improvement to our society.

Recent Articles

"Durable and fatigue-resistant soft peripheral neuroprosthetics for in vivo bi-directional signaling"

Hyunseon Seo+, Sang Ihn Han+, Kang-Il Song+, Duhwan Seong, Kyungwoo Lee, Sun Hong Kim, Taesung Park, Ja Hoon Koo, Mikyung Shin, Hyoung Won Baac, Ok Kyu Park, Soong Ju Oh, Hyung-Seop Han, Hojeong Jeon, Yu-Chan Kim, Dae-Hyeong Kim*, Taeghwan Hyeon* and Donghee Son*

Advanced Materials, 2007346, (2021)

"Self-bondable and Stretchable Conductive Composite Fibers with Spatially Controlled Percolated Ag Nanoparticle Networks: Novel Integration Strategy for Wearable Electronics"

Chaebeen Kwon+, Duhwan Seong+, Jeong-Dae Ha, Dongwon Chun, Jee-Hwan Bae, Kukro Yoon, Minkyu Lee, Janghoon Woo, Chihyeong Won, Seungmin Lee, Yongfeng Mei, Kyung-In Jang, Donghee Son*, and Taeyoon Lee*
Advanced Functional Materials 2005447 (2020)

"Adaptive self-healing electronic epineurium for chronic bidirectional neural interfaces"

Kang-Il Song+, Hyunseon Seo+, Duhwan Seong, Seunghoe Kim, Ki Jun Yu, Yu-Chan Kim, Jinseok Kim, Seok Joon Kwon, Inchan Youn*, Hyojin Lee*, and Donghee Son*

Nature Communications 11, Article number: 4195 (2020)

Highlight of Recent Research

1. Adaptive Self-Healing Electronic Epineurium for Chronic Bidirectional Neural Interfaces

Nature Communications 11, Article number: 4195 (2020)

2. Self-Bondable Stretchable Fibers

Advanced Functional Materials 2005447 (2020)

3. Self-Healing Stretchable Electronic System

Nature Nanotechnology 13, 1057 (2018)

4. Self-Healing Stretchable Conductor

ACS Nano 13, 6531-6539 (2019)

5. Self-Healing Stretchable Semiconductor

Science Advances 5, eaav3097 (2019)

Postdoc and Ph.D. candidate positions available

We are currently looking for post-doctoral researchers or Ph.D. students who want to do research on stretchable/self-healable/implantable electronic devices with Dr. Donghee Son at Sungkyunkwan University. We welcome diverse academic backgrounds ranging from physics, chemistry, materials science to electrical/mechanical/biomedical engineering and related majors.

Please contact Prof. Donghee Son. E-mail:

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