Elementary School Strings Program

The Elementary Instrumental Music Department offers classes in violin, viola, cello, and string bass during the school year. Classes are 30 minutes in length and are held once a week at each elementary during school hours. We emphasize beginning instruction prior to 6th grade in order to give students at least two years of instruction in preparation for junior high orchestra.

Each music student will be expected to attend all weekly lessons, practice on a regular basis, be responsible for any missed class assignments and attend all scheduled music performances. If, at any time, you and your child decide it would be best to discontinue lessons, it will be necessary for you personally to inform the music teacher either in writing or by phone. Please consult us before making such a decision.

In order to maintain effective and efficient district-wide teacher/parent communication, we invite you to sign up on the Elementary Music email list. Please go to www2.dcn.org/mailman/listinfo/elementary-music to add your email.


Beginning Students

Beginning student enrollment forms are turned in at one of three parent meetings scheduled in September. Beginning enrollment forms will be supplied at the meetings. In order to enroll a beginning student, parents must attend the orientation meeting held at the beginning of the school year. We will explain the entire music program at these meetings. No beginning student will be enrolled in the program unless a parent or parent designate attends one of the orientation meeting.

Do not rent an instrument before the music meeting! Beginning students will be sized by a music instructor 30 minutes before or after each parent meeting.

Continuing Students

Continuing students should return an enrollment form to their school offices. Meeting attendance is not required for parents of continuing students.

Program Requirements

Fees or tuition are not required for participation in these classes; however, students are asked to provide their own equipment and supplies as follows:

  • Instrument

  • Instruction book(s) (approximately $6.00)

  • (continuing students - please wait to purchase a book until AFTER the first class meeting.)

These expenses will be explained in detail at the meetings.

Do you need to use a school instrument?

If your child will not be able to participate in the program without the use of a school instrument, please ask for a "Request to Use School Instrument Form" at the meeting and attach it to your child's enrollment form. Priority is given to 4th grade beginners. Parents who check out District-owned instruments will be financially responsible for any damages or loss to the instrument.

Parents will assume all liability of a "rented-owned" instrument should it be lost, stolen or damaged.

We look forward to a successful year. Please send an email to Mrs. Wall at swall@djusd.net or Mrs. Cooley at lcooley@djusd.net for questions or more information.

Teacher by Site:

Mrs. Sherie Wall: Strings at Korematsu, Birch Lane & Willett Elementary Schools

Mrs. Lydia Cooley: Strings at Pioneer, Patwin, North Davis & Chavez Elementary Schools

Ms. Amanda Shafer: Montgomery Elementary School