DSign Series

Smart and Intuitive Digital Signage Solutions

DSign Series

All in One Smart, Easy, Instant and Cost Effective Digital Signage Solution

What is DSign?

All-In-One box solution for digital signage

Conventional Digital Signage systems offer High Initial Cost, High Maintenance Cost and Complicated Management and require PC with software for content creation, scheduling, management, media player or PC for content play out, encoder and modulator for distribution.

DSign AIO is All-In-One low cost small rugged box solution for content creation and control, smart and intuitive management and simplified distribution.

Easy content creation and scheduling

  • Selection of predesignated templates
  • Interactive content, including local weather, news feeds, traffic information, stock market news
  • Emergency Alert Messaging from FEMA IPAWS
  • Video feed content
  • Wired or Wireless CCTV Camera Content
  • Day, Week or Month Scheduler

Simplified distribution

DSign AIO offers local play out of content via HDMI output. Available are also RF QAM outputs and IPTV outputs. RF QAM outputs can generate up to 4 digital TV QAM channels with different content and distribute it via in house coax cable system. IPTV output can send the signage data to IPTV set top boxes and smart TV.

Smart control and management

Single point of control and management via web browser or Augmented Reality mobile device. Easy integration with smart IoT devices and sensors.

Revenue Generator

Dedicated space for advertisement insertion on static signage content and live video sources.

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