Data Science 4 High Schools

Thanks to Google and CS4HS funding, we have been able to put this year 10 Data Science course online for students and teachers alike to learn the fundamentals of Data Science. What is it? Why is it important? And how do you do Data Science? Check back here for updates on when the course will become available! Meanwhile feel free to email for more information.

We are currently using the Datacamp Intro to Python for Data Science course to support the data science program. Check it out - it's free for education.

Do you want to make Computing real for your year 9 and 10 students?

Do you want to give them Data Science skills they will use in the real world?

Do you want them to understand how to tell a story with Data?

Thanks to Google and the Computer Science for High Schools programme, the resources from this workshop are online. Check out the Slides tab for all the goodies.