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Welcome to The Drury Family Website in Celebration of 200 Years!

Dear Family & Friends,

This year, 2019 marks the 200th anniversary of the Drury family immigration to Canada. Farmsteads in Crown Hill, Oro Township, Ontario, were originally established as Kenilworth Farm by Joseph Drury and his two sons, (Thomas and Richard) who came from Kenilworth in Warwickshire, England in 1819. The legacy of the Drury family is impressively rich and highlighted by significant contributions within the spheres of politics and agriculture by many Drury descendents including E.C Drury (Ernest Charles), better known publicly as Ontario's Farmer Premier.

The remarkable heritage of the Drury Family along with their pride of ownership of the original homestead over these past two centuries, are reasons for much celebration!

A weekend long anniversary commemoration will take place on the original family farms owned by 6th generation Robert (Bob) Drury and 7th generation Craig Drury, at 661 and 763 Penetanguishene Road, Barrie, ON.

Private Family Reunion: Saturday Aug 3, 2019

All Drury relatives, no matter how far back, are hereby invited to join us for a day of reunion and celebration.

Public Community Participation: Sunday Aug 4, 2019

Open invitation to our community friends & family to join us along with representatives from government and keynote speakers for a day of celebration of 200 years!

Celebration Details

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We also invite family and friends to Share Stories & Memories of your experiences, memorable moments or relationships to help us create a personal history of the Drury Family Heritage. If you have photos or images you would like to share, we ask that you post your images on our Facebook Page:

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An Ode To Freedom in Canada

Written By -The Honourable E.C. Drury-

From the darker night of slavery,

Through the night they journeyed far,

In their hearts was the flame of freedom,

And their guide was the pale Pole Star.

Northward, and northward ever

To the land of Liberty,

Where no man need say, "Master"

For every man was free

Honour to these, the lowly,

Like cattle bought and sold

For they ventured their all for Freedom,

And verturing, they were bold.

To brave the whip and shackle,

To brave the noose and stake,

That they might be men, not chattels,

They ventured for Freedom's sake.

O Canada, be this your pride,

As the changeful years succeed,

That under your flag, a man's a man,

Whatever his race or creed,

Whatever his rank or station,

His poverty or pelf,

A man's a man, with a man's proud right,

The right to own himself.