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Drug Rehabilitation - Which Drugs and Why

Although there are many different types of drugs treated in drug rehabilitation, not all of them are illegal. There are legislations that decide whether or not a drug is legal to use - and rules that define their safety. Here are a few drugs which are illegal to use and why they have been given this status. Although they all have their own reasons, most share one common factor: they can all impact a person's behaviour and health in a negative way. See more about our Ohio clinic for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Although heroin is an illegal drug, it's still a commonly abused substance.

It's very addictive and often dangerous for those who use it. It can cause diseases to form within organs such as the liver and kidneys, and it can also cause the abuser to suffer from heart problems, (namely heart attack). It's also quite expensive, as it can sometimes cost upwards of £40 per gram.

It has the ability to absolutely destroy the lives of those who abuse it, whilst possessing little to no actual health benefits - and this is why it's illegal.


Cocaine is another quite popular (and illegal) drug which can cause severe damage to those who abuse it.

Mentally, it can cause issues such as depression, anxiety, paranoia and also panic attacks.

Also, reports suggest that more cocaine users die from overdose, than any other health-related issue. When somebody takes a high dose of this narcotic, it raises their body's temperature, which can cause convulsions and heart attacks - and can even cause heart failure.

What makes it worse is that the chances of taking an overdose increases when the drug is combined with other drugs and even with alcohol.

As with heroin, a cocaine addiction can cost quite a lot of money. For a gram, you may need to spend around £40. As a result, some addicts find themselves spending as much as £300 to £800 in just a day. And again, like heroin, it's able to destroy the lives of those who take it without so much as a redeeming quality - and for that reason it's illegal, too.


Ecstasy, or MDMA (which stands for methylenedioxymethamphetamine), is a synthetic, psychoactive drug that can cause hallucinations.

Abuse of ecstasy can lead to long-term damage to the areas of the brain critical to thought and memory.

MDMA is related in some ways to methamphetamine (or meth), which can cause the degeneration of neurons containing dopamine. Damage to these neurons is a cause of the motor disturbances seen in Parkinson’s disease. The symptoms of this disease usually begin with a lack of coordination and tremors, and it can lead to paralysis.

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How Effective Is Drug Rehab

Almost everybody in the world knows that drugs are dangerous. They can ruin lives (and sometimes even end lives), and since most of them are addictive, it can be incredibly difficult for people to stop taking the narcotic once they have started.

The more a person takes, the harder it is for them to stop. It’s like a terrible cycle that’s not easy to break. However, there are ways for a drug addict to get help. Rehab centres offer those who are struggling with addiction the best chance of overcoming their addiction, but how effective is drug rehab?

What can drug rehab offer an addict?

If you want to understand the benefits of drug rehab then you first need to know what these kind of facilities offer can offer their patients.

The expert help and care from addiction specialists, professional doctors and psychiatrists certainly makes a difference, along with the treatment programs that were designed to help patients in more than one way.

The 12-step program is a kind of therapy that uses a person’s religion and belief to help them to recover, whereas group therapy focuses on helping an addict to feel more comfortable with sharing their experiences. Different kinds of therapies can help patients in more tailored ways, which gives them a better chance of overcoming the dependency with which they are suffering.

They can even help their patients to get into healthier habits to replace drug abuse, too!

How effective is their treatment?

The amount of help and care that they can give makes a difference, but how much of a difference?

From curing mental addiction to behavioural corrections, rehab can do a lot to help patients - and this shows, too. Many of the people who go to treatment facilities come out cured of their narcotic dependency - and even those who don’t leave with a better understanding of their affliction.

Some people are able to reduce how much they take, which can reduce the risk of them suffering from the health conditions that drug abuse can cause (such as depression or cancer; but different drugs can do different things). Some even recover on their own, with the support for the people around them.

There are even many people who go back to the medical centre and receive more treatment, increasing the chance of their recovery. Rehab can help in more than one way and it’s able to make a difference to everyone, even those who don’t come out of the clinic sober.

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