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Good Day Good People! Professionally, I work in the education technology industry as a graduate faculty coach. Outside of work, I am wife & toddler-mom who loves to pass time creating art, organizing my home and nurturing myself.

Welcome to my lifestyle blog (and vlogs) about my journey to and through motherhood, my professional life, thoughts on current events and my home organization and decor hobbies.

You are only 1 journal-entry a month away from improving your quality of life!

I created this journal after I realized how spending a just a few days a month with my journal helped me to grow internally and get more accomplished. I nicknamed this journal "the journal you will actually finish" because many of us are overly ambitious with our journaling aspirations. Inside, you will find self-reflective and creative prompts, with plenty of space to plan, budget, track your moods, and more!

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