School Librarian Advocacy Resources

This page is a clearinghouse for information that supports #SchoolLibrarian advocacy efforts.

Below are resources that provide research-based evidence highlighting the importance of school librarians (AKA teacher librarians; school library media specialists) and school libraries.

If you have additional sources that should be included here, please contact me via email at or via Twitter: @DrTLovesBooks

Here are some articles and sources about the importance of getting administrators-to-be on board as allies and supporters while they are still in graduate school.

Morris, Rebecca J. School Libraries and Student Learning : A Guide for School Leaders. Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard Education Press, 2015.

Tetreault, Steve. “Save School Libraries: Target Advocacy Efforts at Ed Admin Degree Programs.”, School Library Connection, Nov. 2020, (View as PDF)

Although the document below was created for convincing New Jersey administrators and board members, it can be copied and tailored to meet the mandates in your locale!

Admin, Supv, Board Hands-outs

This spreadsheet lists studies and collections that contain evidence of the importance of strong school library programs to the improvement of student outcomes.

Why School Libraries & Librarians Matter - Research