UNIV 1301

Fall 2018

Section 04


Course syllabus - please review this as soon as possible. The syllabus is a contract between you and me - if you don't believe you can fulfill the requirements of the course, contact me and I will try to help you find another section of the course taught by another professor.

Course "trailer" - this is a YouTube video welcoming you to my course and providing a short (4 minutes) overview of UNIV 1301. You should watch this as soon as possible.

Lesson 1 - this is a video version of the presentation from the first day of class. If you attend the first day, this video is optional. If you miss the first day of class, you should watch this video.

Lesson 2 - this video teaches you how to plan your academic schedule for next semester (and beyond) -- please watch this video BEFORE the SECOND day of class.

Lesson 3 reading - this is the first assigned reading, which you should complete BEFORE the THIRD day of class. The online quiz associated with this reading will be available on Blackboard starting the first day of class. I will discuss this first quiz further when the semester begins.

Email me if you have any questions or concerns.

Here is a map of the south side of the Brownsville (BRW) campus for your reference.

Parking information is here. PLEASE NOTE that parking is VERY difficult on our campus -- you should expect to arrive at least 45 minutes early to ensure you find a space, especially if you arrive on campus after about 9:30a. Like most professors, I penalize students for tardies (and absences).