Transferring to Another College or University

What do I need to know about transferring to another college or university?

First, understand that YOUR NEW COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY will 'own' the transfer process. UTRGV offers some assistance (see below) but you should plan on primarily communicating with the school TO WHICH YOU WANT TO TRANSFER, not with UTRGV.

Second, this guide is aimed at students transferring to another Texas public college/university, NOT to any private college or university. Although the general process is the same, if you transfer to another public college or university in Texas, there are some existing guidelines that streamline the process of transferring you course credits.

Wait - does that mean that my credits won't transfer to a private college or university?

If you transfer to a private college or university, that institution has complete say over whether or not to accept some or all (or none) of your credits.

If you transfer to a public college or university in Texas, and your credits COME FROM another public college or university, there are laws passed by the State of Texas that influence the transfer process. That doesn't guarantee that all of your credits will transfer, but you have a somewhat easier time transferring credits because of agreements that already exist between public colleges and universities in Texas.

How do I know if the school where I want to transfer is public or private?

Check the school's entry on Wikipedia. The first sentence should tell you if the school is public or private.

I know for sure that I plan to transfer. What is my first step?

Contact the admissions office of the school TO WHICH YOU WANT TO TRANSFER. Explain that you are a current UTRGV student and you want to transfer to their school starting such-and-such semester. If you plan to go to another public college or university in Texas, you can find contact information for most Texas public institutions here.

What is my second step?

Keep in mind that transferring to another college or university is Step 1 of a two-step process. You can be accepted into "School X" but NOT be accepted into your preferred major!

You need to understand the admissions process and criteria for BOTH the university AND your preferred major. In some cases, being accepted into the school allows you to just choose a certain major and your major will automatically allow you into their program. In other cases, Step 2 is applying to (and being accepted by) a specific major or program. This all depends on the school (and major), so it is in your best interest to understand the requirements and timeline as far in advance as possible.

That all sounds very complicated.

Transferring schools can be complicated, but recall that your new school's admissions office (and financial aid office, etc.) can assist you.

How can UTRGV help me transfer?

Generally speaking, UTRGV's role is to help you get your transcripts and any other official documents in your UTRGV student file to the new school. Because the new school 'owns' the transfer process, there is seldom much more assistance UTRGV can provide. You should plan on working closely with the admissions office at your new school.

How is financial aid affected if I transfer to a new college or university?

Financial aid is 'owned' by the U. S. federal government. You will still need to complete a FAFSA form, just as you have done in the past for UTRGV. All financial aid decisions for your studies at your new school would be made by your new school based on your FAFSA information.

Incidentally, UTRGV has set up a computer lab for students who need help completing their FAFSA - it is located in the Tower (UCentral) at the Main Building on the Brownsville campus. Visit anytime during business hours!

Where can I learn more about the process of transferring college or universities within Texas?

Visit this FAQ from the State of Texas AND be sure to communicate with the admissions office at your new school!