UNIV 1301 Grading FAQ

How can you determine your grade in UNIV 1301?

First, recall that Dr. Saldivar uses a point system. Every 'thing' you complete is worth a certain number of points, as explained in the syllabus AND the course rubrics.

(Click here if you need a reminder about how to find the course syllabus and rubrics)

THIS POINT SYSTEM MEANS THAT A ZERO ON A CERTAIN ASSIGNMENT HURTS YOUR GRADE LESS THAN IF THE COURSE USED THE USUAL 'ALGEBRAIC' GRADING SYSTEM (for example, "quizzes equal 40% of your final grade, projects equal 30% of your final grade, etc.").

It also means that you can easily know where you stand at any given time - simply check Blackboard for your current point total (see below), check the course calendar to see how many points are "left on the table" (that is, how much work is left to complete - how many points can you still earn?). The chart shown below explains how many points are needed to earn a given grade at the end of the semester.

Log into Blackboard and click on the My Grades link in the left-hand navigation menu.

Your total points at any given time are found in the 'Total' section as shown in the image to the left.

This chart shows the total points you can earn in the course.

Each weekly quiz (13 quizzes total) = 20 points.

Each weekly reflection journal (13 journals total) = 30 points.

This image shows how many points you need at the end of the semester in order to earn a given grade.


If, for example, you earn 10 points out of 20 on a weekly quiz, DO NOT think of it as an F (10/20 = 50%). You have simply earned 10 points towards you total for the semester.

(Of course, you won't want to earn only half the available points for a certain assignment very often!)