Academic Advising

Why do I need to meet with Dr. Saldivar?

It is UTRGV policy that all students enrolled in UNIV 1301 are assigned their UNIV professor as their academic advisor. This is to allow you an opportunity to have an extra advising resource outside of the Academic Advising Center and your own college or major (if your college or major offers its own advising).

What if I don't meet with Dr. Saldivar?

UTRGV HAS PLACED A BAR ON YOUR STUDENT RECORD. This bar prohibits you from registering for any classes for next semester until you have met with Dr. Saldivar. After your academic advising meeting, the bar will be removed and you will be able to register when the registration period for your classification of student begins.

I really want to meet with [insert another advisor name here]

You are always welcome to visit another advisor, either in the Advising Center or in your college or major, but only Dr. Saldivar can remove the bar on your account.

There is no way I can find time to meet with Dr. Saldivar because of [reason]

In certain circumstances, if you absolutely cannot meet with Dr. Saldivar because of work/family obligations, you can be allowed to make other arrangements but you will need to let Dr. Saldivar know as soon as possible. YOU WILL STILL NEED TO COMPLETE SOME PAPERWORK FOR HIM, and you will also take responsibility for your own academic schedule for next semester.

When should I meet with Dr. Saldivar?

BE SURE TO MEET WITH DR. SALDIVAR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The later you meet, the less time you will have to get your bar removed before the registration period begins. If you do not meet until registration has begun, you will have to compete with ALL other students (not just the ones in your class -- freshman, sophomore, etc.) for a limited number of courses, and you might not be able to get the class meeting times/dates you prefer.