Academic Advising

How do I sign up for an appointment with Dr. Saldivar?

Sign up for an appointment by using the instructions posted here - read this page FIRST, then come back for additional guidance (see the bullets below).

  • The Reason/Service is UNIV 360 advising
  • Location is Brownsville - Interdisciplinary Arts Building 1.105
  • You will see an option to choose the "staff member" with whom you want to meet. You should NOT have to choose anything because I am already your assigned advisor. Simply click on the blue "next" button at the lower-right of the screen.
  • After you choose Morning or Afternoon you should see my available dates and time - choose one! Each appointment is 15 minutes long. If we end up needing more time, you can make another appointment, but the vast majority of students only need 15 minutes as long as you walk in prepared as per these directions.
  • Be sure you make a note of when/where we will meet if you're not in the habit of checking your email regularly!

I signed up for a time but now I need to change it/cancel it/reschedule it!!

To cancel, simply log into Navigate and locate your upcoming appointment. Click on your appointment and a window will come up with your scheduled advising session details. If you wish to cancel your session, click “Cancel”, select your reason for cancelling and feel free to leave a few comments about your cancellation. Once submitted, a confirmation of cancellation screen will be displayed.

To reschedule, log into Navigate and create a new appointment. (See above for directions.)

How long will the meeting last?

Each meeting is scheduled for only 15 minutes; this is because, if you prepare according to Dr. Saldivar's directions, you should not need more than 15 minutes. If you have any specific questions that you need answered BEFORE you can draft your class schedule for next semester, you should contact him in ADVANCE with any questions BEFORE the meeting.

If you have a special situation that requires more time, Dr. Saldivar will be happy to spend more time with you, but you might need to meet a second (or third) time.

What happens in the meeting?

You will walk in with a draft of your class schedule for next semester. Dr. Saldivar will review it with you to make sure you are planning to take courses that fulfill the requirements of you degree AND that you are following the recommended sequence or order of courses as per your major.

Wait - I have to create a draft of my own class schedule BEFORE meeting with Dr. Saldivar?


How do I go about creating a draft of my class schedule?

See the section of this guide entitled "What do I need to do to prepare for my meeting?" -- if you started reading this guide from Page 1 and have followed it in order, you will get to that section shortly!

Where will I meet with Dr. Saldivar?

Dr. Saldivar's office is on the Brownsville campus in BINAB North. See this map for more information.