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Dr. Raju's Institute of Ayurveda, Pvt. Ltd.

# 8/19. Bahar-A, Sahara States, Mansoorabad, L.B. Nagar, Hyderabad 68, Telangana, India

(500068 for visa applications)

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+91 (0) 40 2412 8898

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Personal Questions for the Vaidyas

Please send us your questions in brief with short explanation as needed. We will email answers to you as soon as possible ~ CONTACT: If the vaidya needs to speak with you personally, we will send you their contact number (cell) and ask that you make a donation, according to your financial ability & length of the call, towards our expansion goals.

Please be conscious of time-zones:

  • Avoid calling late at night or during morning consultations in Hyderabad.
  • Best times to call are 1:00pm ~ 9:00pm Hyderabad time.

In a medical emergency:

Please seek immediate attention from your home health care provider for safety-first precautions. Only after the situation is stable & safe should you try to contact the vaidyas with your questions.