Aerial Photography & Videography

About us

Drone-Services.Biz & Aerial-Services.Biz was founded by Markus, who is an experienced drone pilot holding multiple piloting certifications in the UK, Europe and the US.

Markus started flying initially with fixed-wing planes in 2013. Before the mainstream advent of "drones" (or so-called UAVs, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), Markus built, programmed and flew his own drones. Since 2017, he has been moving into turn-key solutions and is an avid flyer of smaller drones such as the DJI Spark, DJI Mavic Mini and, most recently, the DJI Mini 2.

All aerial photos and videos showcased on the sample pages have been shot either with the Mavic Mini or the Mini 2 drones. Whilst these are both light-weight (sub-249g drones) they have high-definition video / Zoom capabilities, are equipped with stabilised gimbals and provide around 30 minutes flight time (subject to weather conditions and flying styles).


We currently cover the following aerial services and creative work:

  • Aerial photography

  • Aerial videography

  • Geospatial mapping & 360 VR-models

  • Creative editing (both for aerial photos and videos)

  • Drone surveillance & surveying

  • Rescue missions and emergency services assistance

More on availability, operational reach and contact details here.