Meet Our Team

Thomas J. C. Murrin

Drone Addiction Founder

With a strong belief that UAS (unmanned aerial system AKA drone) technology will impact our global society in countless and yet unimaginable ways, and with a desire that seems to border on a dependency to shape and advance how drone technology will be viewed and used, Tom founded Drone Addiction, LLC.

Having obtained an undergraduate degree in Journalism and then going on to receive Master degrees in Business Administration and Information Technology from Pittsburgh’s Duquesne University, along with careers in industries ranging from IT to construction, Tom has developed a keen understanding of the interdependence of disciplines needed to achieve shared goals.

Tom sees opportunity for UAS technology that spans the commercial, recreational and educational segments of society with an understanding of the importance and effect that government oversight and regulation will play in all facets of each segment.

Tom’s attitude towards educating young students about drones is one that stresses the importance of safety and following the rules of flying while presenting UAV technology in an engaging and enjoyable manner for students.

Mary T. Reina

Curriculum Designer | Drone Instructor

Mary Reina has had a life-long love of technology, starting with her electronics kit given to her as a Christmas present in fifth grade. She also has had a love for educating others and realized a great combination of the two at the end of her undergraduate work at the University of Pittsburgh. Finishing a master's degree at Pitt in Instructional Design and Technology helped her to apply both of her loves in the areas of computer based instruction/eLearning, technical writing, teaching computers, and more recently designing drone curriculum and becoming drone instructor for Drone Addiction, LLC.