Who is Dro-Fo?

My name is Shane and I have a passion for sports photography in Perth, Western Australia.

This passion developed from taking photos of my kids playing sport. I then realised the power of the lens and how the data captured could be used to help the junior athletes develop by showing them ways to improve. The hunger to expand this data capture then started to include GoPro footage so the flow of a game could be analysed. But this was still not enough!

Then I purchased a drone. The power of the data captured from a drone was incredible. The ability to capture athletes from all directions and play it back to them so that could make minor tweaks to their style to gain immense improvements was incalculable.

As the interest in what I was doing with the data spread, I decided to create Dro-Fo... a play on words of Drone and Photography.

With the CASA rules tightening around drone usage, I obtained my RePL (Remote Pilot License) Lic# 1037862 with this being the first stage to obtain a RPA Operator’s Certificate (ReOC).

Feel free to contact me for an original of any of the photos


Sports Drone and Photo Service