Brain Attack Neurological Deficit Identification Tool for Posterior Cerebral Artery Stroke (BANDIT-PCS) funded by the American Heart Association (AHA). In this project we intend to develop a tool to detect neurological eye deficits by analyzing gaze movement. As the first step we have developed RoADIE (Rolling Apparatus to Detect Impairment of the Eyes). RoADIE is an apparatus that is equipped with various imaging and signal modalities to acquire patient data of a set of neuro-eye exams at the emergency room. RoADIE will be used primarily to collect gaze data related to eye movements while performing neuro-eye exams. Currently, we are in the midst of initiating the study to collect PCS data using our imaging and signal modalities.

Latest News

Abstract has been accepted at the International Stroke Conference 2021

Title: Comparison of Calibration vs Non-Calibration Techniques in the Automated Capture of Eye Movement Data: Initial Validation of the Roadie Device for Detecting Posterior Circulation Stroke

Testing Appearance Based Gaze Tracking for H-Test

June 17th 2020

Data visualization of healthy participant from RoDIE

March 11th 202

Testing RoDIE at the Emergency Department

February 17th 202