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Non-Contact Heart Rate Estimation

Heart rate estimation using facial video: A review

Towards health monitoring using remote heart rate measurement using digital camera: A feasibility study

Novel health monitoring method using an RGB camera

Video-Based Heartbeat Rate Measuring Method Using Ballistocardiography

Effect of Motion Artifact on Digital Camera Based Heart Rate Measurement

Optimal Source Selection for Image Photoplethysmography

Towards Health Monitoring in Visual Surveillance

Automatic Ingestion Monitoring

Orientation-Based Food Image Capture for Head Mounted Egocentric Camera

Selective Content Removal for Egocentric Wearable Camera in Nutritional Studies

Automatic Recognition of Food Consumption Environment

Detecting Media Screen Use During Food Intake Using Egocentric Wearable Camera

Visual Surveillance for Crowd Monitoring

Visual Sensor Placement Based on Risk Maps

Age-invariant face recognition system using combined shape and texture features

Adaptive Foreground Extraction for Crowd Analytics Surveillance on Unconstrained Environment

Enhanced People Counting System based Head-Shoulder Detection in Dense Crowd Scenario

Reliability of Bench-Mark Datasets for Crowd Analytic Surveillance

Foreground Extraction for Real-time Crowd Analytics in Surveillance System

Evaluation Metric for Rate of Background Detection

Mixture of Gaussian Based Background Modelling for Crowd Tracking Using Multiple Cameras