Top 10 List of Tech News Websites

Top 10 List of Technology News Websites

Are you looking for the most updated news regarding technology, science and innovation? The most reliable and the most interesting technology news and content are available from these top tech sites. Pick one that will suit your needs:


If you are looking for the latest tech news, not just from the US but from all major regions of the planet, IS your tech site. TechCrunch offers news about current innovations, reviews of a variety of gadgets, useful tech videos and podcasts and so much more.

This is where you can follow new startups and get the lowdown on interesting new apps.

The best way to get the latest from TechCrunch is to sign up for their newsletter so you can get the best tech news straight from your inbox.

2. offers a closer look at new and exciting tech innovations day after day. You can check out their updated reviews on new gadgets and appliances including the latest phones, games, smart home devices, cameras, laptops, cars and more. also offers the latest tech news, videos and a look at the best new products. You also get to check out interesting features like Smart Cities, Future of Food, Road Rave and more from the site.


If you thought Engadget is just a site for gadgets then you obviously have never been to the website. is loaded with stuff about tech, innovation, science and technology.

Get the latest updates on the best devices, gaming, entertainment, future innovations and more. lets you check out all new gadgets and innovations through video. From video reviews, how-tos and news, you won’t be behind new tech discoveries when you subscribe to Engadget’s newsletter.

4. Gizmodo

Gizmodo’s catchphrase “We come from the future” is surely tempting to check out. Gizmodo has the latest on cool devices including new cameras, phones, tablets, laptops, kitchen gadgets, smart home devices and so much more.

You will be able to find reliable genuine reviews of different products especially the latest in every tech industry. You will find new science topics day after day, with special focus on space, physics, health science, animals and so on.

Gizmodo also offers “Field Guides” for different devices, apps, computing techniques and so on. Be sure to subscribe to Gizmodo’s newsletter to get the latest news coming from experts and reputable sources all over the world.


Are you planning to purchase any type of gadget soon? If you are then you must check out first. This tech site gives you the most updated information about personal gadgets, mobile phones, laptops, televisions, cameras and so much more.

When it comes to buying guides, you also get tons of unbiased reviews with the latest being reviews on laptops, VPNs, TVs, antivirus software and more. You can even submit your own reviews for other consumers to check out. Help people by submitting honest reviews on

6. has the latest information when it comes to technology, science, culture and entertainment. It is the site for top picks on different tech topics too.

From news and updates about the latest iPhone to 3D printed shoes, you can get the most interesting news which you may not find in any other technology sites.

Mashable also has the dibs on rising products and if you are looking for updates on the latest episodes on your favorite TV series then it must be on as well. Just be sure to tune in to Mashable from your area or region to get the most related content.


The Verge has an edgier site compared to other tech sites. The content is over the top with the latest in tech, science, entertainment and more. It’s your choice whether you like The Verge via newsletters, podcasts and videos; you get the same interesting tech news no matter where you are.

You can count on The Verge to provide you with the latest information on top science and tech stories all around the globe. Make sure to subscribe to The Verge to get the latest on tech and just about everything straight to your inbox.


Nowadays, everyone seems to be wired to the web. We can’t live without the internet, without our gadgets. Which is why gives you the latest in almost everything under the sun especially the most updated gadgets, science and tech news, security, transportation and culture.

Wired keeps everything under your fingertips including unique and weird topics that fall under sleep tech and backchannels. If you want Wired news on the go, you must get’s newsletter with the most updated and the biggest stories delivered to your inbox daily.

9. lets you get the best and the latest information on different technologies, gadgets, software, startups and more. TNW is the site for news, investing ideas and tech conferences.

There’s plenty of ways to catch up with TNW. You can connect via newsletter, social media sites, podcasts and live conferences.


Get the best news and updates about tech, science and technology at This site is the place to get the hottest topics, news and different tech events. If you want news about technology and research delivered straight to your inbox daily, subscribe to

By Mike James - 3/2/2019