Top 5 People in Tech

Top 5 People in Technology in 2019

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is the principal founder of Microsoft, a company he started with his partner, Paul Allen back in 1975. He has been crucial in catapulting the company to become the world’s largest software business.

Bill Gates made a fortune from selling neat hacks such as the Windows operating system and Office tools. He would later kick off his philanthropic journey by starting a charity organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

He is well known for being one of the pioneers behind making it easy for schools, homes, and offices to own personal computers.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos was born in Albuquerque in 1964. His role as the CEO of Amazon, an e-commerce service, is what he is best known for.

Jeff was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. From being raised by a teen mom, Jeff put a lot of energy into his studies and completed college at Preston University. Amazon started in a garage in 1994 and gradually popularized online shopping. Currently, it is the world’s leading e-commerce site.

Larry Page

Larry Page is famous for being one of the founders of Google Inc. The firm started as a small search engine firm, expanding to other related ventures. In 1998, Page and his partner, Sergey had secured a million dollars in funding enabling them to shape Google into what it is now.

Page was ranked as thirteenth on the list of the wealthiest Americans by Forbes in 2013. He has interests in philanthropy and renewable energy. The philanthropic roles are carried out by a subsidiary company of Google which also deals with matters climate change.

Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg co-founded the social media platform, Facebook. He was born in May 1984 in a small New York. Together with his partners at Harvard, Facebook was officially launched in 2004 and was opened to the public two years later.

Zuckerberg is married to Priscilla Chan, who he met at a sophomore party. They made their relationship official in 2012.

Tim Cook

Cook was born in Mobile, a town in Alabama. Currently, he is the CEO at Apple Inc. having succeeded Steve Jobs in 2011. Tim has taken Apple from one success level to another since he joined the corporation in 1998. He has mastered his skills in the computer technology area and has worked with IBM and Compaq.

His zeal and creativity saw him rise quickly through the ranks at Apple.

  • Mike James - 3/12/2019