Invent ASAP

Top 5 Things That Need to Be Invented ASAP

Flying cars, talking refrigerators, and self-cleaning shirts; have you ever wished these things existed? Indeed there are countless innovations made year after year but somehow there are still some things that are missing. Here are some things that we think need to be invented ASAP:

1. Jetpacks

Lately, there are new promising ideas about jetpacks. Also called a rocket belt, this is a device worn on the back which lets a person fly through the air. Jetpacks can be powered by gas or liquid. The concept is simple, but until this day, there has never been a functional and commercially-available jet pack. We want to wake up to a day when you strap a jet pack on and fly yourself to work. Goodbye to traffic forever!

2. Flying cars

Just like jetpacks, flying cars are still in the works. There are flying car prototypes that use different techniques to operate. A genius from the Philippines designed a flying vehicle that uses several high-powered fans. As of now, he has managed to fly several feet from the ground and has safely landed as well. Possibly it won’t be long before we see flying cars of this design in the skies.

3. Time machines

An on-going debate has existed regarding the possibility of time travel. There are time travel proponents that say that time travel does exist, and there is proof that this is happening, but again, we can never tell for sure. What we can look forward to, however, is that a genius could invent the machine similar to the Tardis to whisk us off to any time or date in the past or near future. But it would be more convenient too if they would invent a time the machine car like the Delorean in Back to the Future.

4. Teleportation

Wouldn’t it be awesome to skip driving and to fly to get to your destination and teleport instead? Talk about Star Trek technology, and this would surely be a great way to save money and save time instead of driving or commuting to work day after day.

5. Robotic butlers

Have you ever wished you could have your robotic butler to answer your every beck and call? We know you would love one, but sadly, only human butlers exist. It would still take time for inventors to come up with an entirely industrial AI robot for home use. For now, we can all just hope and dream for our own Bicentennial Man to live and serve our families forever.

  • Mike James - 3/12/2019