Dr. Hellenga

I’m a licensed clinical psychologist with 30 years of experience providing psychological services to children, adolescents, adults and families. If things are going badly for you, but you can’t figure out what to do, I can help.

Individuals and families sometimes get stuck in difficult situations or unsuccessful behaviors. Seeking professional help for personal problems takes courage: We are taught that we shouldn’t need the help, or shouldn’t tell strangers our private business. It can be hard to imagine who we'll be if we change our old habits.

In the first couple of meetings, I will try to provide some reassurance as I help you sort out what you want to work on, whether I think psychotherapy can help, and whether I’m the right person for the job. We’ll identify concerns, questions and goals. Then, by talking together about you and your relationships -- including the one with me -- we can build on strengths and address difficulties. Whether I’m working with a child, an adult, or an entire family, my goal is to help my clients feel comfortable with themselves, effective in relationships, and capable of managing life’s challenges. 

In my career as a teacher, psychotherapist and psychological evaluator, I have learned many approaches to understanding and supporting people. In therapy with adolescents and adults, we may talk at times about family history and culture; stories and dreams that feel important; how thoughts affect feelings and behavior; and about the ways that sexism, racism and other biases affect identity and self-esteem. With children and some adolescents, I use play and expressive arts to help clients identify and accept feelings, build social skills and work through difficult experiences. 

Psychotherapy & Psychological Evaluation


Possible in-home or in-school services for children & teens,
starting Fall 2023

Accepting new patients
anywhere in California.

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