Business Consulting and Workshops

Need help starting your business? Maybe you need strategic development? We are here to help you in your Business Journey from Human Resources to leadership training and beyond.

Virtual Assistance

Do you need assistance with the day to day activities of your business? What about a special project? We are here to help you with administrative projects, bookkeeping and content management.

Writing and Editing

Need help with your resume? Assistance with editing and formatting scholarly documents? We can help you identify and prioritize your writing goals. We have unique strategies to help you overcome challenges and we provide insightful and supportive feedback.

Dr. Joy Lough - Speaker, Author and Consultant

With over 15 years of experience in business and human resources, Dr. Joy is the CEO of Joy Lough Enterprises, Dr. Joy Lough, assists entrepreneurs with startup and development of their organizations. For individuals, she facilitates personal development workshops in resume writing, interview etiquette, leadership, communication and motivation. Dr. Joy is passionate about helping build and foster productive and prosperous members of the society.


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