Jing Huang, PhD

Senior Science Manager

Alexa AI

Sunnyvale, CA

I am working at Alexa AI as a senior science manager. My teams work on advanced conversational AI technology, pushing the boundaries of human-machine interactions with a better understanding of context, commonsense reasoning, and personal preferences; and building multi-modal generative AI technology using LLMs.  My teams are directly involved in product designs and deliveries, serving millions of users. Previously I worked as a senior director and senior principal research scientist at JD AI Research and Platforms (JD.com). I have more than 20 years of invaluable industry R&D experience with a focus on cutting-edge AI technologies. My portfolio is highlighted by groundbreaking research and product development in an array of areas, including but not limited to multi-modal content generation (Generative AI), natural language processing (Foundation Models/LLMs, question answering, information extraction, and sentiment analysis), conversational AI, knowledge graph and recommendation, speech recognition, and deep learning (GNNs and DNNs).

I serve in the IEEE SPS Speech and Language Processing Technical Committee. I am also an AE for IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, from 2021-2024.

For professional connections please contact me via LinkedIn.