Jing Huang, PhD

Senior Science Manager

Alexa AI

Sunnyvale, CA

I am working at Alexa AI as a senior science manager. My teams work on advanced conversational AI technology, pushing the boundaries of human-machine interactions with better understanding of context, commonsense reasoning, and personal preferences; and building multi-modal creative AI technology. My teams are directly involved in product designs and deliveries, serving millions of users. Previously I worked as a senior director and senior principal research scientist at JD AI Research and Platforms (JD.com). I have more than 20 years of R&D experience in areas of human language technologies, with focuses on natural language processing (dialog systems, machine reading comprehension, common sense reasoning, sentiment analysis), knowledge graph (including information extraction, relation extraction) and recommendation, speech recognition (acoustic model, language model, speaker verification), multi-modal integration (text and vision, speech and vision), and deep learning (GNN/DNN models).

We are hiring applied scientists working on NLP, dialog systems, and multi-modal AI generation. Please check out my linked page below if you are interested.

For professional connections please contact me via LinkedIn.