Tips For Decorating With Textured And Throw Pillows

Besides providing back support as you watch TV or read your favorite magazine, pillows can be an important piece of décor in our homes. Whether it is on the sofa, armchair, or bed, a pillow provides support but at the same time offers aesthetic value.

So, if you’re thinking on how to make your living room look more conspicuous and lovelier, then you should try out some unique and perfectly crafted Textured and Throw Pillows Online from Bloomist. This site offers a wide range of pillows to select from at reasonable prices. You will fall in love with the different beautiful textures and colors.

But before that, we want to share some tips that you should use to decorate your room using the textured pillows that you will acquire. Most people don’t know how to decorate their sofas and beds using textured and throw pillows. As a result, we’ve shared some amazing tips that will help you to perfectly decorate your sofas, chairs, and beds using textured and toss/throw pillows.

Are textured pillows good for decoration?

Most people are aware of the power of color but few recognize that the texture can be just as effective at making a visual point of interest in a room. For instance, handmade wool shag pillow in ivory can form a wonderful contrast in texture on a smooth leather sofa.

One of the best things about using pillows for décor is that they not only bring texture into a room, but they can as well as be changed as the season changes. Also, you can mix different textures in order to attain the best look and comfort that you desire.

What things should I consider when choosing the right throw pillows for my room?

  • Purpose

First and foremost, you should know what kind of feel you want for your room. This is because different textures have a different vibe, plush, and softness.

  • Size

The pillows should not only offer aesthetic value but also comfort. Pick the right size pillows for your sofa. Some sofas have a low back while others are of standard size. Choose wisely and place the large pillows in the far corners and the small ones on the inside.

  • Understand the fill

Do you want a stiff pillow that is normally filled with foam and other synthetic fills or a soft one that is filled with feathers? If your chair is made of wood without cushion, then a stiff textured pillow will be okay. But if it’s on the sofa, then a soft throw pillow will do fine.

  • Odd number of pillows are the best

Don’t arrange the pillows in even numbers as odd numbers are more artful. Place one, three, or five depending on the size of your bed or sofa and the look that you want to get.

  • Consider the texture

Avoid throwing any texture on any sofa or bed. For instance, you can add a shiny pillow on a muzzy sofa. This will not only add warmth but as well as offer attraction.

  • Consider the entire room

When decorating with the pillows, ensure that you have the whole room in your mind so that the textured and throw pillows blend perfectly with the room décor.


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