Project Dashboards


  • Single source of truth for a project accessible via a URL. No one gets lost, no one asks for a link

What I'm Using:

Google Sites (new Beta): the new hotness. Easy to maintain. Just enough features for a quick project. Anyone can etc. Main drawback is no domain support and no way to password to protect a page.

Namecheap: Slick UI, each purchases all the tools you need to redirecting a URL to your team site. I like to buy the {companyname}.design or {companyurl}.design. It's easily to

What I'm Not Using

Squarespace - too expensive

Wix - too expensive, shitty mobile support

Godaddy - Mostly because misogyny and the founder is supposedly an ass


Driver to



  • Outcomes, not Outputs
  • Time horizons
  • Strategic objectives
  • Scope
  • Product themes
  • Metrics

What I'm Using:

What I'm Not Using: - super expensive - even more expensive - even more expensive still - "startup pricing" or unbelievable more expensive