Northern Lights Dressage Shows

Western Dressage

Now offering WDAA recognized Western Dressage classes at some of our shows!

The sport of Western Dressage is growing rapidly. Similar to Traditional Dressage, Western Dressage uses the training scale to systematically develop happy and sound equine athletes. While at the same time, helping the rider develop a balanced seat and deeper connection with their equine partner.

Like Traditional Dressage, Western Dressage is focused on developing relaxation, balance, and a strong connection between horse and rider. Western Dressage competitions offer a series of standard riding tests that progress through the stages of a horse's training. A test consists of a standard pattern with transitions between gaits and various schooling figures.

Come experience the joy and benefits of Western Dressage at one of our shows!

To learn more about Western Dressage, including competition rules and the riding tests, please visit the Western Dressage Association of America's website.

Following is a list of our shows offering recognized Western Dressage classes. Click the show link to learn more and enter the show.

  • Spring Party, Afton, MN on Sat., June 1 (WDAA Recognized & Traditional Dressage Schooling)
  • Sun Dance, Afton, MN on Saturday, June 15 (Schooling - WDAA & Traditional Dressage)