Signs Of Qiyamah to Gog and Magog

Allah & Muhammad (ﷺ) in my Dreams

As'Salamu Alaikum. My Dreams are Related to the Geo Political, Signs of Qiyamah, Doomsday, Rise of Islam, Ghazwa E Hind, Peace in the World, Esa A.S, Gog-Magog and Dajjal.

My Name: Muhammad Qasim Bin Abdul Karim. I am a Pakistani. My belief is that, "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the last Prophet and Messenger of God." And I am a Ummati of Muhammad (S.A.W). I am proud that I am a Ummati of Muhammad (S.A.W). I am 43 years old and my family is Quraysh. Allah and Muhammad (S.A.W) have told me to share my Dreams with others and this is what I am doing. I first dreamed at the age of 5 and when I climbed the staircase to the sky from the roof of my house, I finally reached a point where I thought that this staircase would take me straight to near Allah S.W.T the only Lord of the worlds.

It was 12 or 13 years, when for the first time Allah and Muhammad (S.A.W) both came to my dream. Then when I was 17 years old in the 1993 then Allah S.W.T and Muhammad (S.A.W) started to come into my dreams regularly and continuously. And yet Allah and Muhammad (S.A.W) came into my dream. I've been dreaming about these for more than 28 years. So far Allah S.W.T has come to my Dreams more than 500 times and Muhammad (S.A.W) came to my dreams more than 300 times. In a dream on 2014, September or October I saw Allah say, "Qasim, until the Muslims believe that your Dreams are true and everything is going to come true, as I told you in your dreams. Until then, I will not change the condition of Muslims. And they will be in the same condition and I will compress them from every direction."

I do not look to Allah S.W.T, I only feel in my dreams that Allah is on the Throne (Arsh) and the voice is coming from there. Or I see the light (Nur). And the voice, coming from the light. Or Allah is speaking to me from the Sky. In every Dream I feel, Allah S.W.T is near my Jugular Vein. I do not look at the face of Muhammad (S.A.W), I see the body of Muhammad (S.A.W). In one dream I hugged Muhammad (S.A.W) and my whole body witnessed to me that you were hugging Muhammad (S.A.W). In my dreams, I have joined hands with Muhammad (S.A.W) hands many times. And my hand testifies to me that I shake hands with Muhammad (S.A.W). For the first time in my life in a dream on September 2015, I looked into the eyes of Muhammad (S.A.W). When my eyes looked at Muhammad (S.A.W) 's eyes, then they settled down. And I couldn't look away. I feel that Allah S.W.T has filled the eyes of Muhammad (S.A.W) with all his light. It was an incredible moment for me. In the dream of September 22, 2015, Allah asked me - "Qasim, Do the Muslims believe in you?" I said to Allah, "No, only some people, no one except them." Then Allah said: "Qasim, if they do not believe in you, I will shake them very fiercely and I will make them fight with one another. Until they trust you, they will continue to fight like this." Then I see that, the Muslims have started war with each other and the rest of the Muslims are now very intense, What will happen now and How will they stop the war? And then there are those people who know about my dreams but they don't believe in it (including the big peoples) and those people who have stopped others from believing my dreams. Then they believed in my dreams and shared my dreams with others. And then the News spread around the World.

I still remember the words Allah spoke to me from the sky in the dream of 1994, (I am trying to translate it into English) - "Qasim, the promises I made to you, one day I will fulfill all my promises. And if I cannot fulfill my promises, I am not the Lord of the whole world." From that day I started waiting for Allah. And I never lose my hope. But whenever my hope is to lose, Allah or Muhammad (S.A.W) comes into my dream and says to me: "Sabrun Jamil Qasim." "Qasim, only non-Muslims lose their hope. Qasim, the Muslims cannot lose their hope.” In the dream of February 2015, Allah told me, "Qasim, you will die on this earth as the Last Ummati of the Muhammad (S.A.W)." That means, "After my death, there will be no Muslims left on this earth, but only bad peoples and the Qiyamah will be bestowed upon them."

In the dream of February 2015, Muhammad (S.A.W) told me: "Qasim, my son, do not lose your hope. You are very close to your destiny, Allah is helping you. My son, just wait a little." Allah has told me in many dreams: "Qasim, one day I will help you and give you success and I will fulfill all my promises, even if only one day is left of the day form Qiyamah. And the whole world will see your success." But Allah didn't tell me when that day would come. And I have been waiting for Allah for more than 23 years and I am still waiting for Allah. In the past 23 years, I have not lost my hope and I do not know when or how I will reach my destiny. Many years ago in a dream Allah told me - "Qasim, read the 'last 3 Qul' before you sleep and then sleep, then the devil (Shaitan) will stay away from you." And I have been doing this for many years. In the dream of January 2014, Allah told me, “Qasim, I have tested you for 20 years. I wanted to see if you were one of them, Those who despair of the Mercy of Allah."

In the dream of 20 September 2015, I saw Allah say to me, "Qasim, the Qur'an is my word and if all the Devils, Jinn and Humankind come together, they can't even make a Verse." Similarly, the Dreams that I (Allah) have shown to you are made by me, and even if all the Devils, the Jinn and the Human race unite, they will not be able to create such a Dream. And the devil can never shown dreams to anyone. These dreams belong to Allah (S.W.T) the only Lord of the Worlds. 9 October 2015 Muhammad (S.A.W) came 3 times in my dreams. I see Muhammad (S.A.W) coming to my dream 3 times in one night. Once I saw that Muhammad (S.A.W) was worried and walking here and thinking. And Muhammad (S.A.W) very eagerly told me that, Qasim should convey this message to the entire Ummah. Muhammad (S.A.W) said, "Qasim, whoever is with you, is the one who is with me, and whoever supports you, he is the one who supported me and he will certainly be with me on the Day of Judgment." The 2 dreams were the same.